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How many smithed M21's U ever held?

Much less shot, much less owned, much less hunted with,much less had a can mounted on, hmm? :)
"Smithed" - none. Fully functional M21 from the factory, one. Sometimes with a can, sometimes without. For over 30 years now.

No matter how much you "smith" one, it's still a joke power-wise. You've said so yourself:
...a 2.5" barreled .22lr has just 65 ft lbs, barely lethal, highly likely to fail you if you actually have to fire, and such a toy-like appearance that somebody MIGHT try you, thinking that it IS a toy. there's no reason to settle for such a feeble gun...
But for whatever reason, you don't like to admit it anymore. Some days you "ooh and aah" over the little popgun's capability (to the point of saying that they'd be worth thousands of dollars to oil sheiks), and then other years you "pooh-pooh" it as feeble and toy-like. Guess what - "smithed" or not, canned or not, ballistically it is undeniably feeble compared to more modern, similar-sized pocket guns.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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