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while still at home, remove the paint from the E tool, and coat the bare steel with iodine. Repeat the coating every few days and in a couple of weeks, you'll have PLENTY of rust on the ferrule and the back side of the shovel. Rust is a great accellerant for friction fire.

You can also use the tape, the headlamp battery, a bit of lint scraped from your shemagh, and a bit of copper "snare-wire' to start fires. :) Once you have a fire, you can have ashes, and charred materials, which make it easy to get another fire, if you keep them dry in tarp/tape bags, with the shavings,dried bark, pine resin, dried chaga-fungus, dry grass, etc. With all that good stuff, and a hard, sharp-edged rock, you can make fires by scraping the carbon steel replacement blade of the Crunch tool.\

Make a 'nest" out of torn, very narrow strips of duct tape and it will catch fire almost instantly from a flaming bit of lint. roll up a bit of tape, light one end and it burns hot and long, plenty enough to ignite the shavings inside of an alternative Swedish torch. Normally, a featherstick will do that.

If you know to bury your coals and some charcoal in the ashes, cover the fire pit and trench around it vs swow-melt or rain, you should only need to start ONE fire "from scratch' in 100 days.

I"m pushing for a 200 day, 2 million $ challenge, with $10,000 entry fee ( you dont get it back) and if nobody makes it to 200 days, the show owes nobody anything. That will keep out the riff-raff. and show who is what.
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