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Hunting rifle that's also a tack driver?

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I've always been a person to want his cake and eat it too.

I just purchased a Savage 10FP-LE2, which I'm slowly going to build into a precision rifle.

While I do that (which could take months), I'd like to have a good, lightweight hunting rifle that is light enough to take deer hunting, and yet its accuracy is about MOA out of the box with good factory ammo. I've considered another Savage 10FP, with maybe the 20 inch barrel this time (instead of the 26-inch of the LE2), but this may still be too heavy for a "hunting" rifle.

I'm pretty much "married" to .308; I don't like to own multiple, similar calibers. I have a horror of getting 40 miles into the boonies only to find I've brought the wrong ammo!

Is there a lightweight, current production hunting bolt-action rifle you know of that fills the bill of good hunter and tack-driver?
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sure, punk, they can see in the dark, too.

u r just a liar, mikey, and we all know it.
You want to meet him? I'll be happy to introduce you any time.

So, when you gonna show me that a .223 can do everything a .308 can do???:rolleyes:

silly quest. 308's aint for crows, or similar

small targets. It's also underpowered, not much in the way of drop and drift numbers, for use on the bigger animals at long range. So why bother with the precision bs? It's for 1/4 mile and less use on deer, basically, and that's pushing it by quite a bit. 350 yds is more like the realistic limit.
a 1/4 is 440 yards. .308 routinely takes game at much longer ranges. 400 yards is not considered to be a long range shot in some parts of the US.

it is not underpowered. You need to stay out of subjects you aren't well versed in.
sure, punk, they can see in the dark, too.

u r just a liar, mikey, and we all know it.
you do know that there are these things call night vision devices - right? there are some that are thermal and some that use IR and ambient light amplification. An awful lot of people own them.

I've never seen someone go out of their way to look foolish as much as you do.
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He doesn't go out of his way to look foolish.
Melvin is just a natural at doing it.
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