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Hypothetical scenario, you are out in the fall deer/moose/sheep/elk hunting by yourself, for a day hunt, on your body you will be carrying 2 knives, binoculars (type your choice), rifle (type your choice) 40 rds of ammo. You decide to carry a 1,220 cu” (20 liter) small daypack because you might have to do some heavy hauling if you get your animal of choice and you want to minimize the weight that you carry. Question, what would you carry in such a small daypack? My options;

01) Cell phone;

02) Space blanket;

03) Compass;

04) Topographical Map of area;

05) Small sewing kit;

06) Small roll of 1” duct tape;

07) Small metal mirror;

08) Small first aid kit (band aids, aspirin, etc);

09) Military field dressing;

10) Windproof matches;

11) Military canteen & cup combination;

12) Folding stove and fuel tablets (Tommy cooker);

13) Small roll of Snare wire;

14) Small bottle of Water purification tablets;

15) Plastic whistle;

16) 2x Plastic Garbage Bags;

17) Military kfs (knife, fork, spoon);

18) ½ Roll of Toilet Paper in zip lock bag;

19) Mini Mag flashlight or equivalent;

20) Light Rain Jacket/Windbreaker;

21) Sweater or fleece;

22) Toque;

23) Gloves;

24) Small bottle of bug spray w/ deet;

25) Gerber Multi tool or equivalent;

26) Small folding saw;

27) 30’ Para cord;

28) 1x film container w/ cotton balls & Vaseline;

29) Food A) 2x packages instant soup

B) 2x 90 gm of beef jerky (180 calories)

C) 2x 50 gm pkg of Flavored oatmeal (332 calories)

D) 1x pkg of boiled sweets/hard candies (80 calories)

E) 6x Tea Bags in foil packet

F) 4x Granola Bars (440 calories) Minimum 1,032 calories

So what have I missed for my day in the bush?
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An EPRB (Emergency Position Reporting Beacon) - about 325.00 US. can call in search and rescue anywhere on the earth, including the middle of the ocean. No subscription fees. You have to register it with NOAA in the US, and every five years send it in to be refurbished. It only does one thing - call in the SAR team. That's it.

so here's basically what I have in my pack for any hunt:

Kill kit:
Caping knife
deboning knife
changeable blade knife
knife sharpener
Game bags appropriate for the animal I'm hunting
nitrile gloves
wet wipes
lightweight tarp

First aid (in two pouches about 4" x 4" x 2" each)
trauma kit

quick clot
surgical glue
gauze pads
chest seal
blister pads
burn gel
pain killers (assorted motrin, alleeve, etc)
orajel <- great on blisters to numb them up)
assorted bandaids

Rain gear

General stuff:
warm jacket (puffy, packable)
water purifier
firestarter (tablets or gel)
headlamp with spare batteries
spare compass
warm gloves
extra socks
space blanket (2) thin mylar crap - almost useless, but can keep you alive
trash bag
water - at least 2 liters
trail mix
energy bars (2 or 3)
GMRS Radio
spare pistol ammo
spare rifle ammo
cable ties - about 2 dozen (can fix slings, shoe laces, build a shelter, etc.
duct tape around the lighter
trail marking tape.
spare batteries for everything that uses them
folding saw

my binoculars are in a harness on my chest
my LMF is on my belt opposite the pistol (or the pistol is on the pack belt, depending which pack I'm using
pocket knife in my pocket

sometimes, like elk hunting, I'll use my larger pack and bring more stuff with the idea of spending the night in the woods away from camp. But that gets more complicated, plus I just don't do that as much any more. But I will bring my small backpack stove and fuel, and a meal or two to cook (freeze dried stuff, like mountain house)

I'm sure I missed some items, like safety pins, gear repair tape (Tenacious Tape is the best thing ever made for gear repair), spare headlamp, misc odds and ends. There's also a bunch of stuff in the everyday first aid kit that I don't recall - antiseptic wipes and stuff like that.

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Between the rain gear, tarp, jacket, mylar blankets, and trash bag, I could survive below freezing overnight without a fire. With a fire and a decent wind break, I can survive a lot colder until rescue comes.

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Interesting about the EPRB, it is something that I hadn't considered and I never considered trail marking tape/surveyors tape since I always carry a compass.

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Interesting about the EPRB, it is something that I hadn't considered and I never considered trail marking tape/surveyors tape since I always carry a compass.
The tape is for finding an animal that ran off (archery this can happen - they can run aways before they die). Mark the last known spot. Mark the end of any blood trail - you have a reference you can base any grid search off of...

I've also used it to mark a trail if I'm making multiple trips to pack out an animal. Much easier to look for the next bit of tape than use the GPS or a compass.

I don't know who you'd register it with in Canada, but I do know that ACR sells a Canadian version. it's one of those peace of mind things...

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I appreciate the comment on the EPRB also. I'd seen various versions of them before and knew that lifeboats had them & hikers sometimes carried them, but hadn't thought about them in a long time. Makes me wonder if they might make sense for a retired expat traveling as well. Looked into them a little bit yesterday and it turns out that some of them have not only the ability to not only send an emergency SOS, but the ability to do normal (but slow), non-emergency texting to regular cell phones as well, which I had no idea. That could be a handy thing if a person were traveling and in & out of cell service areas. Haven't looked into subscription/service costs, but might be worth looking into. Thanks for the reminder about them.
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