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This is one of those deals that fell through that I really can't call Hyatt Gun Shop a BAD GUY, but they sure did irritate me in how they handled it.

Let's start from the beginning.

I was cruising on in the early morning hours of Tuesday, 8/26/03 and spotted a gun that really caught my eye. So I clicked on the button at 4:56am to ask them if they still had it:

The following seller was notified that you are
interested in the COLT GRIZZLY .357
Name: Hyatt Gun Shop
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7043940387

At 10:56am on 8/26, I got the following reply from them:

Yes, it is still available. I will be out of the office the rest of the
day. You can call me tomorrow at the number below.


Hyatt Gun Shop
3332 Wilkinson Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28208
Now that particular week, I was busy sending out shipments on Tuesday and on Wednesday I was supposed to be packing for a show I had scheduled for the weekend as well as packing more shipments going out. I would have liked to have wrapped this up on Tuesday, which I would have done, but that appeared to be out of the question. So at 10:56 pm Tuesday night (8/26), I sent the guy the following email, believing that it wouldn't be read until Wednesday morning anyway when he got back in:

OK. I am definitely interested in the gun, but I can't really say if I will be able to call on Wednesday or not. I am packing shipments and I tend to get pretty tunnel visioned when I am doing that. I may not even think of calling until 11pm when the dust all clears!

But I'll try to remember to write myself a note and put it somewhere where I will see it.


Rich Zuchowski
I went to bed that night thinking that I would be able to get this wrapped up and buy that gun when I took a break from packing animals on Wednesday to give him a call. I've done this many times this way, and it has never been a problem.

Until now.

When I got up on Wednesday morning and turned on the computer, I had this email timestamped at 9:12am waiting for me:

Sorry, it has sold. Thanks for responding.

Hyatt Gun Shop
3332 Wilkinson Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28208
To say I was perturbed would be an understatement!

Now I can see their side of the situation in that they likely get a bunch of fruitless queries, but come on! The guy told me I couldn't even talk to him until Wednesday! He did not give me an alternative person to talk to, nor any other option but to "call me tomorrow at the number below". Wouldn't that lead you to believe that the gun was being held pending the contact that HE caused the delay in happening? And I did send an email that night telling him I was "definitely interested in the gun"! At the very least they could have told the next person in line that they had a pending sale. I think that would have been the ethical way to handle it, in my opinion.

Spilt milk, I know, but they lost my business forever in the way they handled that. Seeing their name on ANY further offers for sale will cause me to just tune them out and go on to the next ad. I just would not feel comfortable dealing with them after this incident.

Oh, I guess I should post the remaining emails, just for completeness sake:

This was sent by me on 8/27 at 1:03pm:

I don't understand. When you replied to my query yesterday, you said the gun was still available, but I would not be able to reach you the rest of the day for me to be able to finalize the deal. That implied to me that we had a tentative verbal contract on the purchase, and it was due to YOUR fault that I could not contact you further.

Now you tell me it has been sold? Is that the way you do business? I work hard at my own business trying to get everything done. I did not get to bed until 6:30am this morning, and to receive this sort of email first thing certainly puts me in a foul mood.

I have bought a LOT of guns across the net and have NEVER had someone pull what you just have done on me. I do not believe that GUNSAMERICA has any sort of feedback system, but I will certainly be filing a complaint with them concerning your lack of ethics in the manner in which you are using their web site to sell your merchandise.

Good day, sir.
To which there was no reply.

So I sizzled for a while about this and sent the followup email on 8/27 at 7:06pm:


I am specifically requesting the name of the owner or principal CEO of Hyatt Gun Shop.

I have to admit that I am REALLY pissed at how you handled this. Mark, are you the owner of the store? If not, please forward this email to the owner for his/her review. I will call on Thursday and ask for the owner at that time and discuss this problem at length. The way you handled this was very unprofessional and unethical. I have spent more money than I can to think about buying guns across the net and have NEVER had someone pull this sort of stunt on me.

Check the original email you sent me. It was date/time stamped Tuesday, August 26, 2003 10:56 AM. If you had not told me NOT to call you because you would be out of the office, I would have concluded the deal and purchased that firearm. This is because YOU inferred that YOU were the only one I could talk to about this and YOU would not be available until today (Wednesday, August 27th) for me to call you to complete this deal.

If there had been any sort of waffling on my part, I would understand your actions, but there was not. I feel you obligated yourself to offer me a first right of refusal since it was by your inept handling of this transaction that I lost out on this gun. I know it is highly unlikely that I could cause you nor Hyatt Gun Shop and financial or reputation based hardship from the way you handled this deal, but believe you me, stranger things have happened.
That got a response. Sort of.
Dated 8/28, 10:28am:

We are sorry you feel missed out on the gun, but your email only asked if it was available.

We receive several emails on guns checking availablility and then never hear from them again.

Had we known you wanted to buy it, we would have held it for you.
No, I did not followup with a phone call, as I felt it would have been a complete waste of my dime. Oh yeah, I did contact GUNSAMERICA and they do have a feedback system, but I could only use it if I had actually bought the gun from Hyatt Gun Shop.

Take it for what it is worth.

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Requesting info on a few dealers in Texas

Within the year, my gal and I may be driving down to the Lone Star State for some wild boar hunting, among other attractions. She has relatives in the Houston area- has anyone dealt with: Collector's Firearms and Brileys. We may also visit friends in the Dallas area, anyone dealt with a Chaddick's in that area. Thanks-Sundance Kid..
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