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I believe in preparing for "backpack" survival first

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Then fleshing out the rest of the preparedness/survival plan from there.

Preparation really starts with what you carry on your person every day, pocket knife/pocket tool, CCW, cash, lighter ect.
Also how you are dressed, my dad always said, don't drive anywhere if you aren't ready to walk back, in WY when you are broke down 30 miles from anywhere you are walking. You know, just those few things are huge advantages over what settlers and pioneer types had. With such things you can handle a variety of situations and would be fine for a few days.

From there it goes to the "sissy gear" that makes long term living more comfortable, sleeping gear, shelter, water purifier and a good pack to carry it in along with what ever food and water you can aquire and store. When such gear and the skill to use it you could go on for a long time.

When you get right down to it, what you can store and how much food and water ahead of hunger and thirst you control, are what define the level of your survival.

I think you have to take care of your personal gear first, then flesh it out with food storage, means of production ect.

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This is a good post. The only thing that I disagree with is lumping the water purifier with sissy gear. Its a 'must have' for me cuz none of the other gear is useful if your body is sick.

I agree with Teuf 200%/ My wife says that this approach is "layered: survival. Its certainly the way to start good survival peparations no matter where you live.
Yes, I'm also in complete agreement.

Plan from the bottom up and peel away from the top down.
Great minds think alike! And those that think alike will most likely have the best chance if the ballooon ever went up. Not only is there safety in numbers but there is the possibility of a higher standard of living where everyone contributes. If you choose to live like an animal, fine, thats your choice not mine.

A lone individual, not properly equipped, nourished or rested will have a difficult time functioning at 100%. Those that have prepared in advance won't. Its common sense. The layering concept is an intelligent well thought out approach, even for those on limited budgets. It allows you to see progress in your preparations as you move from one level to the next.

Gunkid can't even come up with the contents for his rucksack, thats if he even owns one. The problem with the "Gunkid theory", is that he will probably be shooting in the back people that are even less prepared than he is. Therefore he will be collecting little or nothing that will assist him in long term survival, should the balloon ever go up.
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Hey Teuf, great psot, really.

I think this is how most people "get into" survivalism. Personal survival~>personal survival made easier~>family survival~> then you get into the "living" parts of survivalism.

Also why I think a lot of guys start with milsurp equipment. It's better to have a cheap, not the best ALICE pack, than be caught without a pack because they were saving for an expensive one.
since so MANY twits will be "providing' gear, food, etc, one needn't bother with stocking a lot of it. Any steel can will suffice to boil water, if one is not in fear of thousands of riflement trying to kill you. If the latter is the case, you'd better be a LOT better skilled and equipped than virtually anyone is.
INTELLIGENT people, traveling in wilderness areas, PROVIDE for backup transport, by having a small motorcycle, mountain bike, etc, IN the 4wd, dumbass.
Your so st*pid, you don't even realize that your an idi*t. Like I said the people that you will be able to kill with your minimal level of skill won't be the ones that have prepared.
JD, anyone with enough preparation and their sh^t together enough to have the gear and be in a good area will clean your clock.
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