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i can react, ccw draw, hit 2 guy's in the chest

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in .90 sec, 10 ft. Garnad needs 2.5 seconds to do the same thing. So WHO needs the practice, hmm? Of course, I have sense enough to have hand ON a pocket gun, and garnad is stupid enough to have to fight thru a FASTENED winter coat, AND a concealing (indoor) suit coat. :)The hell gear (and AWARENESS) CANT beat skill. Not that garnad is in any way "skilled", but NOBODY could beat 1.5 seconds for that drill, using that sort of carry and concealment, and ANYBODY, hand on gun, can get the 2 hits in 1.5 seconds with the pocket pistol. That sort of "speed" is kid stuff, man.
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I've beaten your speed on many occasions, did it today as a matter of fact. My suit coat was , like your lip, unbottoned. Timer showed .73 for three COM hits at 21 ft, two close together, one 2 yards off and one yard closer. Wheelgun, double action, no retention on rig. What kinda timer you using?
Hey, I figured if 223 can lie, I can lie better! (I can lie quicker, too!)
Problem is, GoonKid hasn't shot in 20 years, and even when he did shoot, his contemporaries said he was fast, but usually missed the first 2-3 shots, and even when he landed rounds, they weren't accurate. So he thinks his times from 20-30 years ago are still valid, but when you look a time to first hit, rather than time to first shot, his times suck. But he thinks you can miss fast enought to win a gunfight. . .let's hope he keeps thinking that when he meets the guy who's had enough of him.
Please post the links to my alleged timings!
When was the last time you reacted and hit 2 guys in the chest? Not targets, but 2 guys intent on doing you damage?

with my feet, 4 years ago. Have you EVER taken on ANYBODY, punk? I've faced down as many as 4 blacks at a time, on several occasions. They could TELL I was going to hurt at LEAST 2 of them REAL bad, and nobody wanted any.
I can believe that you actually were face down, for the 4 blacks!
yeah sure you did melvin, the 4 black guys pulled a train on you, and as for drawing quick, the only thing you can draw anymore is willy the wonder noodle out and even then you dribble on SAYING you can do something doesn't mean you can do it, but come on down to a campout we'd be glad to let you show us how proficient you are.Money a problem, got that covered, mama won't let you out alone?Bring her along.Fear stopping you?No surprise but thats a problem you have to take care of yourself.
LOL, the four blacks were waiting their turn for number 5 to get done!
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