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I ccw'd 7.5" Cap&ball under a shirt, as a kid

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riding a motorcycle yet. :) Calvary style, behind the weak side hip. Not exactly fast into action from there, but a hung out shirttail was all it took to ccw it, in anti-gun ILL, in hot weather.

I also cut the barrel of a 6" long Iver Johnson "Cadet" 8 shot .22 revolver, and carried it at the navel,upside down, as I worked with a shovel, for my DAD, age 16. He never once spotted it, and he'd have taken it if he had.

He DID once spot it, x draw under a winter coat, cause I was playing basketball, and the coattail bounced up.
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"I ccw'd 7.5" Cap&ball under a shirt, as a kid, Calvary style"

Good greif you are old, no wonder you ain't got any teeth!

Chewing off the barrel of that Iver Johnson "Cadet" will do that to a fella. :D

andy said:
I ccw'd 7.5" Cap&ball under a shirt.
Caught again!

You are claimng that you CCW'd his gun while you have lied about EVERYONE elses ability to CCW an N Frame S&W! You've claimed that
I'd spot you wearing that pos from clean across the street.
but you're too cowardly to take the wager that was offered on it.

Damn this is easy

Nevermind the fact that you've claimed to conceal an AR under normal and under summer clothes.
conceal under normal clothing
I can walk down the street, in SUMMER clothing, with a CAR 15 broken down and concealed in my clothes, and you wont notice, looking right at me.
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And the point that your trying to make is? I'm sure at one time or another most of us have carried a firearm concealed before. I'm also sure that most of us did dumb things that could have got us arrested when we were adolecents also. Now we get 35+ year old "war stories"!
sure, you can dress like a bum, and hide such guns adequately for a short "mission", with some discomfort. So what? that AINT what ccw of a handy pistol is all about.
Explain yourself! So what's it all about? I'm very sure that many men and women who choose the appropriate dress clothing can conceal a Colt Government Model. Try looking at some leather makers catalogs, you will se dozens of pictures of men in everyday suits.
223 fan said:
sure, you can dress like a bum, and hide such guns adequately for a short "mission", with some discomfort. So what, dumbass? that AINT what ccw of a handy pistol is all about, dumbass.


You've claimed to have carried a 7.5" Cap&ball under a shirt, while you've been telling people that they can't conceal an N-Frame S&W without you being able to spot it from across the street, yet you wouldn't take a simple bet on it.

You've claimed to be able to conceal an AR under both normal and summer clothes but no one else can conceal an N-Frame.

N-Frame vs 7.5" Cap&ball
N-Frame vs AR

hey, SMOKER!

glad you posted the pn links[it's always been like this HUH?]

i've surfed alot of forums/boards[before i've joined ONE, this site]and seen alot of names,pretty funny! i would catch phrases/laughter about a tard/canned11.3 canned car/armoured wheelbarrow/gun-clod , person, always picked up and followed by a 'thank god he's gone' .

i guess i've cold trailed/tracked down the one and only internationally known and loved gun-kid [by mistake]

oh!well! he's entertaining[in a bargin, 3rd hand, gun sort of way!]

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