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I Drug Home Another,myself!

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a surplus makarov with plastic[star in the center] grips!

it has a #10 stamped behind the slide release with [2]circles around it.

it's got the crappy lanard loop molded on left grip frame[not good for a lefty]

any body have any insights/clues to where/who produced it [i think ****/***********] as i got the old 'vibes' that i've always had about combloc weapons, when i picked it up.

although, NEW,still packed in cosmoline,with 300rds. it didn't 'bode' well
with me[they never have] i stripped and scraped the crud off/ out of it!

if any fellow members know of origin of manufacture i would like to hear it

[i don't know] as it will be another stash/hide piece

cost $100 , off paper.

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Its Bulgarian and made in 1970. Heres the link:

Heres the entire Makarov site for everything you want to know about those little jewels:

$100 is a great price. :beer:

I hope it performs well for you, great price and stealthy! Let us know how it shoots.
I never did understand this idea of having a pos as a "go-to" pc, after the enemy has taken your "good guns", despite the BEST you could do. :) Seems like the stash gun better be something like a 10 ga autoloader, converted to 20 mm rifle grenade, 10 rd mag, don't ya think? use it to get your other guns BACK. All you are going to do with a hunk of junk like a Makarov is run some MORE, lose some MORE.
So tell us about the 10ga autoloader that you converted to use 20mm grenades. I think this is another of your fantasys... like being "erika".

I am very interested in this 20 mm rifle grenade, please provide more details! I have a friend who uses a 10 gauge lever action at Cowboy Action matches, heck of a gun. It speaks with a certain amount of authority. Who produces the semi auto 10 gauge?
thanks,for those really cool links

RIKA! brought me right up to cruising speed , your pretty cool lil' sister!

SAT-CONG! thanks bro! i 'll run 50rds. threw it this weekend, as i'm wanting to
'putz' around with the metal detector out in the desert, my buddy has 3 horses running in globe sunday['once in a full moon' in the 4th[i think] should win!] i don't think i'll go as it would be tempting to just moter up to show-low and spend a week,and i have some work /jobs needing completed !

GARAND! i think browning came out with a10ga. semi-auto[$1500+ i think?]
it would be a heck've goose gun.

ANDY! THANK YOU for your insights[ i think i'll 'CAN' this little makarov,for night operations]
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The Remington SP-10 is a semiauto 10 gauge, but it's a tube-fed magazine. 10 rounds would be a real long tube mag.
Ithica Road Blocker in 10 guage. But it was a 3 shot gun. Real big to.
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