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making same, stalking, standhunting, etc, too. I know what I'm talking about when it comes to ranges, etc. Green wood self bows, aint worth a hoot. You need SEASONED wood, or you have the leave the bow "unstrung' nearly all the time, and it CHANGES how much torque it gives the arrows. You have NO WAY, in the field, of "splining" arrows to match your bow's strength and speed of "launch", so to speak. So all you CAN do is make 3-4 dozen, TRY them,and pick the dozen that fly LEAST stupidly. Getting the nock EXACTLY centered, and getting a bladed head EXACTLY centered, are a HUGE pita in the field, too. Stone heads shatter at contact with just about anything, etc, etc. The whole idea is some 8 year old kid's fantasy. A canned, scoped .22 autorifle is 100x better, 500 rds will last forever (or you are a bozo and SHOULD perish) and there's NO reason to not have proper gear, and SKILL with it. The other bs just WASTES precious time and money that you SHOULD be spending on the real deal.
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