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I practiced RELIGIOUSLY with slingshot

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for YEARS as a kid,MANY hundreds of hours spent on it, on finding rocks as round and smooth as possible,and on stalking birds and small critters. It's just not POSSIBLE to reliably hit a 2" mark at a lousy 30 ft with rocks. They are never perfectly round and a "flat" spot ALWAYS makes them depart from their proper path. You can as easily carry a canned .22 pocket pistol as you can a slingshot, and as easily carry .22 rds as ball bearings or buckshot or marbles for the sling shot. So the sling shot is pointless. The canned .22 pcket pistol easily has 2-3x the effective range of the slingshot using rocks as "ammo", and it's got rapidfire, and it's got speed into action from ccw, and it's got a certain amount of anti-personnel utility, all of which the sling shot lacks (if all you have to "shoot" in it is rocks).
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