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I read alot about living in the woods if SHTF but

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are there really "enough"woods?I mean if something were to happen on a National level it seems that quite a few people would immediately think"woods/back country/& etc.)
I understand that the inner cities could rapidly become a burning,gang ridden,decaying mess.(atleast until they all starve/freeze/die of disease)
As the countryside disappears more & more every year in favor of sub-developments & strip malls the wild places are no more.At least in the east & along the coasts.
Are the mountains the answer?Appalachia & the Rockies as a last holdout?
I realize that there are a literal ton of variables to take into consideration but what are the generalities?
So,then what?
What have I missed?
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what a lot of guys "overlook" is that the PINE woods are going to BURN, in areas that aint as wet as Washington State's coastline. :)
bs, there's 270million people, and 4.5 million squate miles of the lower 48, only about 1/4 of which is 'woods" (at best) So each square mile will likely have 200 people in it, or one every 3 acres.Sure they wont be evenly spread out,but YOUR chosen area could easily have a dozen guys every city block sized chunk of land. :) Above ground cabin is a stupid choice. Below ground dugouts, if need any serious shelter at all, with a can and proper tactics, you can have 2 guys every acre, and they'd never know that you were there. They will die off FAST,so you dont have to stay in your hidey hole very long at all. I've been in the hole, no daylight at all, for many months at a time. Nothing to it,if you have the ability to control your mind.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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