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complete lockdown! the guys broke out a little corner of a 6" square window pane, made a string by unraveling a sock, lowered it to a guy who was free on the yard, who tied on the dope.

Dope comes into the prison via bribed guards, smuggled into food shipments, or in balloons, in the mouths of wives and gf's, who spit it into their man's mouth and he swallows it. You get strip-searched after a visit, ya see.

I've also seen dope come in by being tied to a long hunk of fishline, weighted with stones and thrown 100 yds or so, David/Goliath style, from WAY outside of the fence. :) The Feds have almost no prisons with walls anymore, and very few with towers. They've gone almost completely to vehicle patrol.

I know of a case wherein a guy got 5 years off his sentence and got sent to a camp (no fence). You have to have <10 years left and be rated as "minimum security-level" or you can't go there. Once you're in a camp, you're basically free any time you wanna be. Going from having to serve 15 years to free, just by having a real friend to throw a gun over the fence. If it was a silenced .22, you could probably get 10 years off, too. :)
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