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"I see!" said the blind man that picked up his hammer and SAW

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OK, here it is kiddies. . . .the SAW thread!

Alright, what kind of SHTF saw do you advocate?

Bow saw?
Collaspable bow saw?
One of those funky handle that'll hold a sawzall blade?
48" chainsaw?
SAK saw?

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Okay, I know about that and I like the tubular framed Bow Saw. It can be strapped to the pack with the blade removed and well protected. Extra blades are easy to carry. I actually made a collapsible bow saw with the turnbuckle tightner and really didn't like it because it wasn't stable. The funky handle sawzall might be okey, never used it. Chain saw? Gimme one of those at fixed camp. SAK saw - okay for small stuff but not real durable IMO.

Actually except for the survival saw in the buttpack on my webbing, I've never considered a saw. Good topic
those cordless

dewalt sawalls make short work of famer <font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font>s black and white cows

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sorry, i was out of caracter for a minute!ha, and what strange place it was!

bow saws are great [i have 3]different sizes i always have the saw on the super tool

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We really like the Gerber folding saws that funtion like a big pocket knife, they have different blades that are easy to change for wood or bone. They are also light and compact enough to fit in the pack.

For hunting trips i always take my old Wyoming Saw, it's a heavy duty steel unit that comes apart and stores in a nice sheath, it also has bone and wood saws.

I will try and get a picture of them up.

Saws are pretty damm handy and much faster than cross cutting with a hatchet. We don't use them much for firewood, but for cutting green poles for a wall tent frame or some temp corral pole in the mountains they work great and of course they are just the ticket for quarteing big game getting them ready to pack out.
I consider a saw more of a group gear thing than individual, one per three or four is plenty.

Since I have my multi-tool with me all of the time (except on airliners nowadays), I try to reduce wear on the Leatherman's saw blades unless I really need them.

For backpacking, I've taken to carrying a lightweight Stanley saw handle that can use a variety of industry standard sawzall and hacksaw blades.
How's about something like:

Folded up:

From Duluth Pack
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Now that is a NICE saw. 33.00 is a good price too. Wonder how it holds up to prolonged use and if can use any old 24in blade or requires special blades.

Not sure, but they sell the blades for $5 ea, so no reason not to sock a few away.
I'm just not dure a folding saw would hold up, but I'd sure rather try that one than one of the smaller ones typically talked about.
My SAK has its little bitty saw on it, and in my GHB, I carry a folding pruning saw (instead of a hatchet). Not some cheapo one you find at walmart, Academy, etc, but a wooden-handled, lock-blade Fiskars saw; you can get them at gardening supply stores, possibly even Lowe's, etc.

Works great, is well made, is quieter, and (surprisingly to me) quicker than a hatchet. Also less risk of self-inflicted injury than a hatchet, at least in my hands.
saw is usually the way to go, altho for quickly trimming a sapling, to make a digging stick,etc, or splitting a cow's pelvis, etc, the hatchet is faster. I greatly prefer the homemade Skatchet to any commercial hatchet, for its reduced bulk and wt. The coins in the hollow ferrule add the necessary wt for chopping. Gotta have the coins in the BOB anyway, so might as well put their wt to good use.
My Norlund hatchet is great, but I still find myself carrying my khukuri in the field.

I kind of find handy something that can also do duty as machete. The khuk is kind of a machete, hatchet, bowie, bolo knife, short sword. It also has the small knife in the scabbard.
Field saws pics

The large one piece bow saw is right out of my camp box, good saw, but too bulky for backpacking. Just the right size for the horse/Jeep camp box though, we have both wood and bone blades for it. Bow saws like this are rather cheap, but make sure to buy a good quality one. They slow down on dry wood, but for cutting green poles for a wall tent or a few poles to wire up for a tempoary corrral in the mountains they are great.

The other bow saw is called a Wyoming Saw and it comes apart and goes into that cammo case that can be worn like a belt or slung. They are expensive at around $50, but the one in the picture has seen hard use for the last 15 years and shows no sign of wear. They also come with wood or bone blades. This is the saw that we carry when out hunting, one per group is fine, I prefer a regular one piece bow saw for camp work.

The folding Gerber saw works great for cutting wood and it came with an interchangable bone blade, but I havn't used it on game yet. This is what we use for backpacking, it's faster than a hatchet for cross cutting dry firewood and also works good for cutting green poles ect, you just have to take in consideration it's size. I don't really bother with a folding saw backpacking (if not hunting) since I carry a hatchet. I usually don't use firewood any bigger in diamater than I can break with my boot, we usually have one if we are in a group though.

You sure don't want to let those aggressive wood teeth jump kerf and end up on the top of your hand, it's messsy.



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