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I used to bug Moon, when I'd be taking this

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or that belt-test. He finally got excasperated with me, took off his black- belt, and handed it to me. I stood there holding it, realization dawning on me that it wasn't just the BELT that I wanted. He saw that I understood, took back his belt, and as he put it on again, he said:"Belts don't block, Davis". :) A few months later, I was very proud to have this man say:"I teach thousands Korean, hundreds GI, you number one student, Davis."
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I think that your teacher, Moon, would be very ashamed for the lack of discipline and emotional control that you exhibit now.

Really, I thing the Rev. Moon (isn't that the one you are talking about, gunkid?) said, "Davis, you stink. You number 10".

This is the same Korean who spoke NO Korean in class? Sure gunkid. Like your CAR velocity bs, you are just blowing more smoke.
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