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I watched Harry put 6000 rds thru CAR

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15, never cleaned it, just a shot of WD-40 every 600 rds. He had 20 30 rd mags, and a kid to load them with stripper clips. They were Harry's reloads, knocked out on his Star Progessive, (IIRC) I know he had a Star, but he might have used something else to load the 223's. I believe that he told me he used Ball C powder. I've shot thousands of rounds thru AR's, and never had a problem, except for a couple of failures to close the bolt, on brand new guns, 1-2 each, on a couple of guns. All closed instantly with a tap on the bolt forward assist. It was just "new gun" tightness-machine marks. those who claim that the AR has to be kept spotless, is malfunction-prone, etc, are just fos, that's all.
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Re: yes it was 3000 rds, my error.

223 fan said:
Been working 60 hour weeks, 5 hours of sleep a night, and you aint WORTH careful proofreading.
Aww Gee....Breaks my heart.:sobstory: :devil:
Re: Don't knock it till you've tried it Garand

Teufelhund said:
BTW, JD i'm not going to loan my "84's" till i get my "83's" back, so stop with the PM's already :angry:

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