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Heck, when I was younger I wouldn't even look twice at revolvers. They just wouldn't register on my radar at gun shows. But for some reason a few years ago, I just found myself SUDDENLY much more interested in them then the semi autos. I still don't know what it was that made the switch in side my head. But I just love the lines of the Colt Python and began collecting the various models a few years back. Also picked up some Anacondas and Diamondbacks as well. And of course I have some very nice S&W revolvers as well, so it's not that I am exclusively a Colt man.

I guess many of the semi-autos are going into Glock look alike mode, and they really don't do all that much for me.

I guess what I learned too late was that I could have bought those Pythons MUCH cheaper if I had taken up the interest in them in my earlier days. :bawling:

Oh well.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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