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Identify this firearm

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Just got a scanner after work today, lots of fun. Came across some pictures that show flexibility and versatility. Name this gun that I'm shooting!


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if a bozo likeu is shooting it, it's some obsolete, inefficient pos.
Very good, it was 73 years old at the time this picture was taken. In this stage I beat the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry Minimi Team. Now thats shooting. I guess the resident loser is jealous, after all he was in jail when that picture of me was taken.
Hey, I guessed Lewis gun too. Neat piece of weaponry.

WOW, got that one right.

Did you have any problems with the magazine? I heard that was the most common complaint. I mean, besides there not being a .22 version :dgrin:
There were 26 Immediate Actions and Stoppages that you had to learn with the Lewis. The gentleman that owned the gun spent days teaching us them before he would let us compete with the gun.
if a bozo likeu is shooting it, it's some obsolete, inefficient pos.
and you wonder why people respond to you the way they do.
does this count as one of your informative gun posts?
He is just jealous of people that achieve what he is incapable of.
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He would be jealous an scared of a kid with a beanshooter.
They did service in WWII also. I would love to shoot one. Garand, you Dog, you! I really like the old British guns. Webley .380, MKIII and Number 4 SMLE. I even had a .450/.577 Martini Henry which I foolishly sold for a price so high I was embarrassed to accept it. Well, not THAT embarrassed.
That picture was taken in 1989 when I was posted in British Columbia, once a year at the Provincial Service Rifle Championships I got to shoot it for "honours" during the LMG match. Take my word for it when you have done a 500 yd to 100 yd rundown in a 2 man team, one carrying the gun, the other carrying 5x 47 rd drums, you know you have done a days work. The last year I shot it, I shot against a team from my old regiment who had just gotten issued the new 5.56mm LMG and I beat them. The best part about it, their team Warrant Officer and I had gone through basic in '73. Was he pissed!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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