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Personally, I prefer the .338 to the .300, which is why I own one.

Your argument is pretty silly though.

The .223 is fine, with a proper length barrel and tactics that fit the weapon. The .308 in a battle rifle is also fine, it has some advantages in some aplications over the .223 - and vice versa.

In my AO, I prefer the .308, others, in the very same AO prefer the .223 - so who's right? I think we both are.

Where you get into major trouble are in the following:

  • too short a barrel and trying to make up for it with custom hand-loads
  • total reliance on the CAN
  • advocating crippling your weapon with the .22 unit for fighting.
  • planning on ambushing everyone. ( I really like the ones that involve taking out the sentries, or specific missions)
  • lack of preprations
  • lack of understanding of even basic tactics

Then of course, all you can do is hurl insults and make up rather silly arguments that have nothing at all to do with the debate. Then you count these silly arguments as proof of your vast knowledge.

You're so hung up on everything going according to one exact scenario that you have. It's actually funny to watch you post the same stuff over and over again, only to have the same weaknesses in your plans pointed out over and over again.

You really could learn a thing or two if you'd take the time to read what is written and understand it. If you don't agree with it, then discuss it rationally. Calling someone a stoop or worse because they didn't buy into your bs is childish. Why not try discussing it like an adult.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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