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fps,with no more recoil than 55 grs, 2200, and it meant that I had to settle for 10" groups at 25 yds, I'd do it HAPPILY,because it's 800 ft lbs. If I could get 50 grs to 2800 fps, 870 ft lbs, and no more recoil than the 356 Prefrag load (same as plus P 115 gr9mm recoil) and the price was 10" groups at 10 yds, I'd do it HAPPILY. The likelihood of needing more accuracy is a LOT less than the likelihood of less powerful loads not sufficing to stop a man. Once you get up into 223 rifle softpoint ballistics, the failure rate is like 1 shooting in 50, assuming a good chest hit. .45 diameter bulllet would be nice, because with the 3 segment prefrag, larger frags mean more shock and more tissue destruction.
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