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if it aint a pocket gun, it's a belt gun, no

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in betweens. If its larger or heavier than the 6.3", 19 oz j frame 38 snub,it's no pocket pistol. A LOT of people say that the .38 snub is a poor pistol for the pants pocket. ,mostly because its cylinder creates abulge in the pocket. I say that, much and a lot more. It's hard to use well,feeble, only holds 5 lousy rds, and it's slow to reload, and it's fragile, and wears out in a very few thousand rds of standard pressure .38's, and a very few hundred rds of plus P 158 gr lhp's.
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GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT ... it should be so easy to see ...

I see you still carry on conversations with the voices in your head!

MELVIN, did you ever stop to think, just for a small moment, that most of the people here think you're a blithering idiot.

You're like a computer MELVIN, garbage in, garbage out.
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