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Misconcepttion Mania this morning LOL

They stayed the hell away from forts and the Calvary because everytime they got mixed up with them they got thier @ss kicked. They feared the civvies even more and often ran back to reservations to escape thier wraith. Ever hear of Siebert, scalp bounties ect.? He and other professional indian fighters simply exterminated them on sight for fun and prophit.

Your lack of experience, has you believing your own propaganda, about just what it takes to pull off an ambush. You have no concept of tactical intervaul, fixing by fire and movement to contact drills.

Concerning moving about thier "terrain", the raiders had a huge circle of operations, they didn't walk like idiots. They failed because the net gain from raiding didn't over come the cost of the task. The cost in terms of men and effort was too high to sustain themselves. Consider that they also were experts in desert survial and knew the area very well, modern looters are not going to any such advantage.

It took many men to overcome the remote armed ranches that dotted the southwest. They where not easy nuts to crack, that and the ranchers didn't just sit around waiting for the indians, they spent thier spare time hunting them. They often sent groups of thier cowboys/gunman into indian camps and killed everything that breathed. So while braves are out raiding they come home tired and hungry to find thier women and kids rather dead and all thier supplies destroyed.

The camps and women were essencial to thier survival, the camps had all thier stored chow and the women did most all the work of foraging ect. The braves didn't have time for that kind of work, with the camps destroyed they got pretty gaught.

You just don't have a clue how things went in that day, it was a crule and brutal existence. Folks often shot white strangers out of hand "if things had been going on" and any indian got shot just for GP. Hell, old news papers are full of accounts of vigilantes just riding though country hanging everyone that looked out of place, often simply walking into the local jail and taking them.

One such group in Nebraska killed 40 some men in a two week road trip. Apparently you are unfamilure with the range wars and such in WY, AZ, NE, TX and ND. Folks did not mess around.

SHTF it will same all over again, the terrain determains the tactics and the terrain hasn't changed. One man making himself a pain in the @ss will have a short career. There will be plenty of capable men that would be happy to have thier family protected and fed under the sercurity a remote ranch offers in echange for thier efforts.

You need a new plan.

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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