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shooting, I'd FIND a way to have the disassembled CAR-15 along. The 10" barreled, flattop model is remarkably easy to conceal, minus the handguards, and with certain modifications done. The CAR's buttstock is much quicker and easier to remove-replace than is the standard buttstock. Drill and tap the holes for the retainer detents for the safety and the rear taked down pin, install 8x32 setscrews, and you no longer have to worry about losing those detents when you disassemble the rifle.

You can also cut a small notch in the right side of the safety, and the tip of your knife can be used to hold down the detent, and thus, remove the safety without removing the pistol grip. This has nothing to do with ccw, but it can help with having to clean the pc, if it's full of crud, salt water residue, etc.

With the handguards removed, a small "wrap" of Nomex, even parachute cord, will provide hand protection from the barrel's heat, for half a dozen shots. The handguards add a LOT of bulk to the AR system, and you dont need it for a clandestine sort of mission. Or, if you DO need that much rapidfire, firing more rds is unlikely to save you, because you've just screwed up TOO badly. More "wrap" could of course be contrived, using pcs of your shirt, rags, etc, too, given the need and enough time to do so.
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