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cavity damage to chest organs, 180 gr 308 doesn't have that ability at 50m. :) 165 gr 308 doesn't have it at 100m, from typical 20" barrel. 150 gr plain based 308, from 22" barrel doesn't have it at 200m. :) that figure is bs, ONLY applicable to getting FRAG effects,with 223 BALL ammo. Believe me, shoot some animals with 223, with loads and ranges where you "only" get 2200 fps, with good softpoints, and you will KNOW that you dont need anything LIKE 2700 fps in order to RUIN both lungs, with a bullet that's "only' .22" in diameter.

A 9mm bullet is 2.5x the frontal area of a .22, so you need LESS velocity with it, to achieve the same effects,as you do the 223. A .45 bullet has FOUR TIMES the frontal area of a .223, so you can get by with a LOT less velocity, and still destroy fragile chest organs with "just' the temporay cavity. That is especially true of organs that have been STRUCK by the bullet, and even MORE true of bullets that offer THREE wound-tracks. :) So the split Nose 460 Rowland load, 70 grs at 2300 fps, is every bit as effective as a 223 sp hit, and man, that's AWESOME, for a pistol load.
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