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If you could by ANY gun right now...

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What would it be? Price is no object. It's available and all you have to do is to go and get it.....
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I really want a .357 Scandium but why waste this on a $500 gun so then I'm thinking of the higher priced guns like some of the .50 BMG's. However you did say any gun so I would take something that had meaning to me.

However, sometimes not knowing the history of a gun is more fun then knowing it so with that said the only gun I REALLY want that I know for fact I won't ever own is an old Colt Bisley, I may be able to work with an 1888 Flat Top as well if I was forced:)
I don't know what they are called but it would have to be the insanely fast, automatic, "machine of mass destruction" that was featured in the movies Predator and Terminator 2.
It seems I saw a similar weapon on one of the various shooting shows but can't remember what they called it.
In Predator Jesse Venturas' character used it to mow down a large assortment of tropical foliage. In Terminator 2 Arnold used it to destroy a vast array of cars and other substantial objects(all without killing a soul. How touching!).
Ah! A General Electric Minigun! Never could figure out why it was called "mini", though.

Here's a pretty neat link:

Monty's Miniguns

I would have to say that this would be my first choice as well. Of course, it would eat up a fortune in ammunition everytime you took it out for a spin! I think I heard it estimated at $20 per second....
I'd have to choose a..........

M16 M4

With some type of holo site or other tactical scope. I've always wanted an M16 style gun in 5.56 m.

Lots of cheap ammo there!
I guess if we could afford one $20.00 a second wouldn't be a problem LOL!
Seriously though, This weapon has to be the most impressive firearm that I have ever seen.
The show I referred to above is American Shooter. They had a segment where a private individual had two of them mounted on a bipod. They fired them at night with tracer rounds which was a truly awe inspiring sight!
I've been wanting to go to the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot for ages now, but it always takes place at the wrong time of year for me. April (when breeding is beginning) and October (when I am doing shows and up to my eyeballs in baby snakes). Matter of fact, this past October show was during the same weekend as the Tinley Park Show. We drove RIGHT BY the shoot, but it was around 2am in the morning and I didn't think there was any good reason to stop in there. :(

One of these years.

But I believe they have a guy who brings a minigun to the shoot every year. I would love to see one of those things being touched off live and in person. I think one in .223 would be awesome.
Any gun I desire, and money is no object; well then I am gUnna go big, really BIG and go for the whole works and say I would buy a Battleship with all guns attached. That includes those guns that shoot rounds the weight of a small car. Yeah, thats the ticket.

Now back to reality for a moment. I would have to say I would really like a Springfield M6 - yeah I know low expectations but it is a neat little survival combo gun and one that could be loads of fun.

Of course I'd also take a mint condition Thompson Sub-gun, or better yet a Luger in .45ACP and I do mean one of the original prototypes from back in the day, not the newly made copies. That is one heck of a pistol.

If I was prone to getting an expensive rifle: how about the Carcano that shot JFK! If it was only one that I could buy with all that money at my disposal, I would take that one!
guess my all time favorite automatic handgun would have to do, an original .44 AUTOMAG.
If I was prone to getting an expensive rifle: how about the Carcano that shot JFK!
Aw, come on, Glenn! Everyone knows that neither that gun nor that shooter could have done that job! ;)

I read somewhere that some gun club has (had?) an annual contest where they set up a replica of the conditions in Dallas and accomplished shooters try to accomplish the task that Oswald supposedly did. Now this was a while back when I read about this contest, but they said it had been running for several years at the time. and NO one had ever been able to duplicate the feat using that model of rifle.
Who cares! After I keep that rifle for a year or two, I would be able to sell it at an astronomical price. And just think of all the attention I would get at the range -lol.
Browning BLR in 450 marlin, (I am going to have a recoil pad implanted in my shoulder!!)

Man, I really like the look of that Marlin in stainless, but I just know my shoulder will get up and leave me after I fire the first shot with it.

Heck the gun that I hated the most because of recoil was my Ruger .44 mag carbine. That sucker would pound the crap out of me! I would rather shoot a .50BMG any day of the week over that gun! I finally sold off that gun because I knew I didn't want to shoot it any more.

Something tells me the Marlin would be a gun vault widow for all of the rest of it's life after I fired it.
after seeing that mini-gun i almost changed my mind!i would,however,like a double rifle.caliber 9.3 x 74r,& one in .500 nitro express,& just for fun one in .45-70.
oh well,there goes a years pay!
Full auto Thompson or BAR

Since I'de want to shoot the gun on my place, 30/06 is about as big as I can go.

If I had all the land and ammo I needed, I'de want a 50cal Browning. :)
You know, the more I think about this the more I would have to say that I would want to have a self cleaning gun. Kind of like a self cleaning oven.

Half the time I change my mind about going shooting when I think about all the gun cleaning I am going to have to do afterwards. And I can think of at least two guns that I shot a while back that I thought I would get to cleaning them "tomorrow"..... :eek:
Funny you should mention gun cleaning, I started to clean all mine yesterday and with luck I will finish today. Some were dirty, some were clean but they all get a cleaning whenever I decide it is general gun cleaning day. (I often clean each of them right after being shot - but not always so some were fouled and really needed it. The others were clean, but got it as a preventative against rust.). I don't have anywhere as many as I think you do, but it is a lot of work - although I have to admit I kind of like the smell of Hoppe's (the one that removes copper and the regular stuff too) and Break-Away Oil and I also used a nice orange scented wood cleaner/oil but it did little, if anything, to over power the scent of the gun cleaning solvent. Of course my wife said the basement smelled terrible while I was doing it, and again hours later - so maybe one that had an orange or lemon scent would help out there. As for the work involved, I usually find it more enjoyable than raking leaves or painting. Then if it was a self cleaner and it wasn't so much work maybe I would have had some time left over to be out shooting. So a self cleaning gun that did it in an odorless or lemon scented way would be a pretty good thing. And who knows - they have guns that shoot around corners, and guns with electronics that only allow certain shooters to shoot, so who knows what is next....;)LOL
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I've always felt that cleaning my guns was almost cathartic.I can almost go on auto-pilot & think about the days events.You can feel the cool,slick metal & the warm,smooth wood and really appreciate both the craftsmanship of a fine firearm & (hopefully hah!)your skill at using it.You mention the smell of Hoppes.It is one of my earliest recollections of my father cleaning his guns that that smell reminds me of.
You're right on about the catharsis brought on by the aroma of cleaning guns with Hoppes. I am writing them a letter right now to thank them for the memories that their product has triggered.
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