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Rob.... Offend me??? Are you NUTS?? NOTHING offends ME!!
I might be Jewish, but, I'm so reformed, my Rabbi's a part-time PORK distributor!!

Why do Jews make the best Football players? They're the only one's that can get that "Quarter back"!

Jewish Foreplay?
Two hours of pleading and begging!...

Italian Foreplay?
Snap your fingers and point DOWN!....

Black Foreplay?
Don't scream and nobody gets hurt!....

Polish Foreplay?
It's IN already!

The Jewish mafia is....
"La Kosher Nostra"!

Why do Jewish men get circumsized?
Because Jewish women want 20% off everything!

I knew a guy that had a job circumsizing elephants! The pay wasn't too good, but the TIPS were big!


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How do you know when a Jewish American Princess has an orgasm?

She drops her nail file!

Why is Italy shaped like a boot?

You didn't think they could fit all of that sh-t into a sneaker did you?

Why are Italians called Whops?

That's the sound sh-t makes when it hits the wall!

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Dennis.... I know it was a joke, but.... the REAL reason Italians are nicknamed **** (and this is for REAL), is because when a lot of them went through Ellis Island after coming to America, they didn't have the proper paperwork with them, so the Government stamped their forms, *** (WITHOUT PAPERS).... and that is actually the way they got that nickname.... FOR REAL!!

Now, do you know why MOST Italians are named TONY???
Because as they were getting on the boat, they had to stamp their heads, TO NY!! (now, THAT'S a joke)!.... lmao


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I know Neil, my grandparents made that journey with my father. Look at my last name, that should tell you. I don't know where they got my first name though, I guess 20+ Tony's and John's was enough for one family! LOL!
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