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IHMSA guys get 200 yd clay pigeons

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STANDING, iron sights, 10" barreled Contenders, at least 3out of 5, or they are having a BAD day. Clay pigeons are 5" across. :)
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223 fan said:
Re: just pointing out how SAD AK RIFLE "accuracy' is, from the BENCH.
You've never handled a quality AK. They are not all beat to sh^t Nam bring-backs.

Many of the Norinco's are so-so but my Polytechs could easily hit a smaller than 5" target at 200m with iron sights.

Get a good Krebs or a Vepr with a quick detach optic and you're ready to rock.
No, it's a .223 Polytech and it uses Valmet/Galil mags (the Norinco .223's use a different, Ak-74 style mag).

I also had a 7.62x39mm Polytech. They would both group that well.

The quality of the AK's vary wildly. The .223's tend to be very accurate, even the Norincos.

The Krebs is semi-custom but 1st class. The best production AK is either the US made Arsenal or the Russian made Vepr.

A lot of the 7.62x39mm's rep for mediocre accuracy was also the Chinese ammo every one was using early on.

Back in the 80's I examined a whole slew of 7.62x39mm and that's when I first noticed that the Chinese 7.62x39mm ammo had inconsistent powder charges. I'm not the only one who did that and found the same results.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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