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Ill State Police had to ENFORCE regs about

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carrying their M39 auto's when off duty. MOst of the guys never carried at ALL off duty, or at most, carried an airwt snubby, derringer, .25 auto, etc. Contrary to the bs that you hear and read on the net, VERY few guys carry a full size and wt gun, ccw, at ALL, much less "all the time". They TALK a good game, but that's ALL it is, is TALK.
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This coming from Chief AllTalkee NoWalkee.
Yep, half of the stuff on the 'net is all BS, the other half is probably 80% BS. That's why experience matters, not just reading old magazines and thinking you "know" anything.

You know, like you. You should really get out more often. Drag the wife off camping. Let her have the real gear and you just take the mylar blanket, tang and peanut butter. See who's better off after a week.
Gunkid, if your the master survivalist that you claim, then you could at least produce a kit list of what you have packed and ready to go, AT THIS MOMENT.
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