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in snow, or with small dog, WONT lose

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a deer that you've lung hit with a .22lr, or an elk,moose, or bear that you've lung hit with 223 ball ammo, either. They AINT going that far, and virtually any mutt will follow a FRESH blood trail. Suvival poaching has about NOTHING to do with typical sport hunting. U use BAIT, flashlight, take the young, females, etc, ANY way you can, and that difference in ATTITUDE, along with a silencer and LIVING out there with the critters,changes everything.
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But you said that there won't be any deer, cattle or large game left within 2 weeks after shtf. We will all be living on our stored food while you eat grubs and bark.

I think I'll have a freeze dried beefsteak tonight.

that's right. So shoot deer BEFORE

2 weeks have elapsed. It THAT so hard to figure out, dummy?
He must be getting outdoors these days RIKA

Head shooting them from a blind over bait will work just fine as well. Lung shooting anything but a varmint with a .22 LR is foolish.

not true at ALL. U have ZERO experience

hunting with subsonic loads and a can on the rifle. The critters react as they do to a bee sting, typically. Even bowhunters often see this. The critters jump, scratch at the hit, sometimes run a ways and stop, etc. without the NOISE of the gun to scare them, they don't run nearly as fast or far. Naturally, one does this only if desperate for the meat, and unable to reliably brain the critter, as in being sick, injured, in a big hurry, the head obscured by brush, centerfire ammo being in too short supply, can't risk the sonic crack of a supersonic load, etc.
In other words stupe you are saying there are if's, and's, and but's to your dream fantacy world. So in this SHTF, with you trying to hide in the day, you are going to shoot this 'non existant' big game, track them in the snow were anyone can see, and have this dog with you. Isn't that right, stupe? Pure fantacy.
Yeah and GK has zero expereince also except for on that little world inside his head.

One of the first things I noticed that could spell out a tactical error in planning is the fact that the de-barked chihuahua would sink into the snow and vanish. Since he's de-barked, you'd have a pretty hard time finding him before he froze, chihuahua's lacking a decent cold weather fur coat and all. :)
Gunkid, please post the full detailed fantasy, so we can keep up with the program! If you want constructive critique you can't keep flipping and flopping changing the story just because you don't like our responses.
mrostov said:
One of the first things I noticed that could spell out a tactical error in planning is the fact that the de-barked chihuahua would sink into the snow and vanish. Since he's de-barked, you'd have a pretty hard time finding him before he froze, chihuahua's lacking a decent cold weather fur coat and all. :)
In the best Taco Bell Chihuahua tone- Frio no es bueno!:D
of course, all his marching through the snow at night makes a trail that a blind man could follow.

Oh, and gunKlutz, before you claim you'd ambush anyone who tries to follow your trail, you don't follow the tracks directly. You parallel track and cut back accross the path periodically to make sure you are still moving in the same direction.

If you lose the track, you back track to the last fix you had on the trail and track on the other side.

If properly done, you will actually approach the person you're tracking from the direction they are heading.

OK GK...forget the hostile @sshole like behavior or anyone have any experience with the old(I don't knoew if its still made) Aguila SSS.22 lr?It was .22 short brass with a long for caliber 60 grain bullet on it to make it fit lr chambers.Was supposed to be pretty good in 1in9 barrels.Definitely would be cood in something like an M77 type .22 with a fast twist barrel,but AFAIK you had to use aftermarket barrels;in a convertible AR it might be useful. I recall it being originally conceived for suppressed .22 rifles,butI was/am curious about the wounding characteristics and hunting/poaching applications.In a bot rifle it would/could be pretty quiet.
Technically, the 1:9 twist is optimum for the 60gr bullet of the Aguila SSS ammo.

However, in real world use, that ammo sucks when fired from an AR-15 with a Ciener in it. I've had far better cycling and accuarcy with the bulk pack Federal 36gr copper plated high velocity hollowpoint.
Agree with Rostov on the SSS in the AR .22 kits. Sounds like it should be a perfect match-up; the right bullet weight for the AR's twist, subsonic, and the heaviest bullet possible...

Unfortunately, it's the ONLY load that I've found that won't function even semi-reliably out of my Ciener unit. Every other load I've tried (including 'regular' weight subsonics, bulk-pak hp, Stingers, and even the new "Velocitors") work either "pretty well" or "near perfect". The SSS jams up 3 or 4 rounds out of ten.

On paper, at least, the SSS has a lot going for it; especially throwing that heavy of a bullet. But no luck with it so far in either my AR or 10-22.
spin your chamber insert or 10-22 barrel

in a lathe, carefully dress a polishing point in the Dremel and make about 2 passes all the way around the chamber walls. I know of several guns and .22 units that take the SSS Aquila just fine, but I dont trust Mexican "quality control". If I wanted to RELY on the sss. I'd buy a box from a brick at a store, go testfire IMMEDIATELY, return by the brick, and testfire 5 random rds out of EACH of the other 9 boxes. in the SAME carton. If ALL worked as intended, THEN consider the remaining 400 odd rds to be ok, and SEAL the cases mouths of those you intend to carry, with an artist's paintbrush and model airplane "dope". Put the remainder in a GOOD GI ammo can, and seal it with a coat of varnish, all over.
if have SNOW, stupe, don't NEED

the dog. leave him in the pack.
SURE u will dummy, if they have NO idea

how, where, and when to set up an ambush. However, I trained under Harry Claflin, one of the most experienced killers to ever take the field. So dream on, punk.
Re: if have SNOW, stupe, don't NEED

223 fan said:
the dog. leave him in the pack.
My vote for the stupidest quote of the year. :beer:

your "big brothers" can always carry

him FOR you, dummy. They "think" that they can lug around 70+ lbs, the bsers. :)
So this Harry guy, he trained you to lick his boots? Tell us what type of training he taught you? Go for the gusto, I love to hear from a wannabe.
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