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A Piece At A Time.馃榿

This Spring I had picked up 8.5" bbl in .300BO and set it back in the safe.
I confess that with everything going on in my life and other things it's been on the back burner.
Well today I got the urge to swing by my favorite LGS and look around & at least do some BS'ing in person vs the net.
So cut to the chase this little item was carried in the store and sold to them in a box of misc. AR parts.
And just happened to be threaded just right to fit my .300BO
barrel or even my two actual rifles in .308Win and .300WM. Although not sure what installing on either and the later in particular would accomplish.
Anyway unless a suppressor falls from heaven as things are going currently my build is a long term piece at a time project.
So for cost + sales tax I think it was worth it.
So I'm going to use this as a progression thread as I put it together.
And as something is going on here making a pic upload impossible atm ..

And I'll say roughly 10% was my cost. About like maybe a A2 style flash hider.

Hand Finger Cloud Bottle Wood

Yeah okay and a little bit Minnie Pearl besides Johnny Cash if you get that old joke from HeeHaw.
Bicycle part Wood Household hardware Gas Auto part

Two piece with locking detent. Sprayed it with cleaner and did the Q-tip inspection either was cleaned well or not used much at all.
Helmet Finger Wood Thumb Auto part

And offset venting to keep it tightened.
So sometime down the road I'll be seeing if this thing works although I'm tempted to put it on my MAR-10 to give it a test?馃

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Never seen one like that. I have a linear comp on my main .223 carbine, but it鈥檚 a simpler style, and like you I largely bought it because of a deal. Curious how that one works, let us know how noticeable a difference it makes. I can鈥檛 tell much difference with mine, but it鈥檚 only a 223 to begin with.

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...Yeah okay and a little bit Minnie Pearl besides Johnny Cash if you get that old joke from HeeHaw.
:) The price tag on the hat...? Don鈥檛 show our age like that.
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