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Information needed

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I need information on a Hercules Gas-Munitions Corp., Hercules Jr.
pen gun in .38 special.
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45 super

A friend of mine found one at a flea market that had been converted to .45 Super. He said it came out of a gunshop in Great Falls, Montana.:devil::madeuce:
Violation of federal law without the proper tax stamp and could be very dangerous to fire.

Pen guns??THAT goes back a way...converted to .45 Super,he says???Is he smoking crack??:nyah:
All kidding aside;Rika is right on this-step very carefully regarding gadget guns,AOW;s from wierd sources,,,you never know when Batman's gay cousins:nyah:the .ATF&E will decide to make their own action (yet again!)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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