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Deal. Practice ammo for pistol is the only reason to have more than $100 worth of Lee setup, anyway. Practice ammo for practical rifle is so cheap, milsurp, as to not make it worth your while to reload, short of a $700 Dillon progressive, anyway. Ditto for pistol, really. Just practice with 9mm,carry whatever you want. Theres not enough difference in recoil to matter any, at the sub 10 ft ranges that cover nearly 90% of justifiable civilian self defense. Remember,if you get the gun out and ON the attacker, soon enough,you wont have to hit him with a bullet at ALL, 90% of the time, because he'll just back down.Then sub 10 ft covers 90% of the remaining 10% who DO make you shoot them. That leaves 1-2 out of 100 guys who make you shoot at them at greater range than 10 ft. Given the fact that a 26 oz alloy compact 9mm recoils EXACTLY like a 39 oz, full size .45, practicing with such a 9mm is just as practical andrelevant as practicing with such a .45.:) The .45 has 50% more recoil, but such a gun weighs 50% more,so the recoil effect is the same. In fact,with nearly an inch more slide and barrel and sight radius,such a .45 might be a bit easier to control. So,if carrying a full size .45, alloy 9mm practice is relevant. Ditto if carrying an alloy compact 9mm. If you are carrying an alloy compact .45, alloy compact 9mm practice is JUST as relevant as is practice with a gull size and wt .45.

So bascially, about all the reloading gear does is let you experiement with special defense or hunting loads, and gives you ameans of cheaply laying in 5000 rds of what CAN be loaded ammo, in case practice ammo ever again gets ridiculously expensive.
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