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instead of crying all the time about AR,

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why don't you learn how to FIX whatever's wrong with it, and go on to have the SUPERIOR abiility that it offers any real rifleman, hmm? The AK doesn't offer jack squat, even if it DOES work. It's still just a club, made by and for ignorant peasants, to spray and pray with.
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AR's are more accurate than AK's for a reason, the AR-15 is a target rifle, and the AK is a battle rifle. The AR-15 is completely unsuited for battlfield conditions. Soldiers moan about the AR because it FAILS!! Get a little dust in the mechanism and it goes kaput, the AK can be completely rusted over and it'll still function properly. That, and 223 ammo fails to neutralize threats effectively, whereas, the 7.62 kalashnikov does that job spectacularly.
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