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Int'l Rapidfire course=5 torsos, 4 secs, 25m

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with the torsos placed one torso width apart. That is damned fast shooting, with a .45, from "surrender" hand start and an openly worn rig, full charge ammo. At a National Champs several years ago, Robbie used an openly worn FBI style rig to react, draw, and get 6 hits in the 10" A zone, one target, in 3 seconds flat. So the draw, double tap on each of 3 targets, at 20 yds, in the IDPA qualifier, is at most a 4.5 second run, for a true master of the handgun. It's not that tough, using a 9mm lw Commander, from concealment, in 5.5 seconds, either, even tho the scoring ring is an 8" circle. 10" circle is a 50% increase in target size, vs an 8" circle, and 25 yds is only a 25% increase in distance from 20 yds. However, a half second penalty, at such a range and targets, is not THAT punishing, either. :) Many guy's standards of performance are VERY low indeed. Garand 'thinks" that raising a rifle and getting 6 hits, at 50yds, in 7 seconds, is "fast", when it actually only takes 4 seconds for a good hand, with a good rifle. Being 75% slower is like running the mile in 7 minutes, instead of 4 minutes. Man, WALKERS do the mile in 6 minutes or less. :)
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It was 6.83 seconds with a lever action on an empty chamber for 5 hits between 25-50 meters. By the way, IPSC & IDPA are NOT reality!
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