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One night, and irishman walks into a bar and asks the bartender for three beers. After getting them, he takes them to a table, drinks a bit from each one until they are empty. He does this for a couple rounds, then the irishman leaves. This goes on for a few nights, and the bartender finally asks, "why do you always order three beers at a time?" The irishman looks at the bartender and says, "Well, me two brothers live far off and every time one of us goes to the pub, we order three beers so as to be drinking together." The bartender thinks how nice that is and gives the irishman his three beers.
Well one night, the Irishman comes in and orders only TWO beers. The bartender gives him the two beers and says, "I'm very sorry for your loss." The irishman looks up in surprise and asks, "what loss?" The bartender, dumbfounded, then says,"well, you only ordered two beers, so I assumed one of your brothers has passed away." The irishman then starts laughing, and says" no no no, ya didna understand. I didna lose me brother, I just gave up drinkin"

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Irish drinking joke 101

Sean and Shamus are down at McGinty's enjoyin' a pint of Guiness and watchin' the Celtics play the Lakers on the TV. Mikey walks in and joins them, they have a few and Mikey says "Hey fellas, here about the new Sports Bar over on New Castle Street- they've got a new big screen TV and everything now" "So, they have Guiness, Harp and Killian's on tap now do they?" asked Sean. "No, just Bud and Millers now, but they have somethin' goin' on that's better than this place- for $5 you get to go in the back room, close the door, and you get laid four times!" "You're joshin' now ain't you Laddie, says Sean- come on, fess up, you've never been there have you now?: "Ah, no replies Mikey- but me sister has.":rofl::wavey::)
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