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traverse and hits, of another torso,after hitting first one, at 25m,5m apart. That's 12"x 24", not this bs about 14" or 18" wide "men". Arms are often NOT hanging at sides,and "creases" of ribs dont mean jack squat, when you have to physically STOP a man with bullet impacts. A red dot sight takes about .1 second off of that, for a light recoiling auto, like a flat topped AR, but it doesn't help pumps or levers at all, because cycling the action takes as long as does using the iron sights, and doing so disturbs the horiozontal "tracking" of the dot.

At 50 yds, add about .15 second, at 100 yds, .70 second between targets is about right, with the irons.

With a pistol, at 25m, it's VERY hard, with iron sights, to be faster than .5 second for such traveres in between torsos, and still get reliable hits. If you put a lot more distance between targets,rifle or pistol, it slows you down quite abit more, too. that's one of the reasons you are told to stay at LEAST 10m apart, as infantry, in hostile territory. That way, you are also a LOT less tempting a target for a claymore, mortar, belt fed burst, RPG, and less likely to all be blown up by a buddy stepping on a mine.
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