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SMALL cricle around you, and keep you inside it, even in daylight. At night, they'd better have a man every 50 ft, if there's any cover at ALL. The circumference of a circle is 3.14 x its diamteer. In other words, a 1 mile diameter circle has a 3.14 mile circumference. A mile is 5,280 ft So over 300 men, to 'man" a circle that's a lousy 1mile wide. :) That's for ONE night, and the next day, they are all so tired that they have to crash,at least for several hours, or they are WORTHLESS for the next night. So you see, hidiing-escaping from a dozen or so punks, ESPECIEALLY when you silently shoot 3-5 of them, is no great feat at all.
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