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It's easy to draw from pocket, sitting

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position, if you just go at it intelligently. You rock over on the weak side buttock, as your strong side hand goes towards strong side front pants pocket. You straighten-push down with strongside leg, raising your butt up off of the chair, etc, and thrust the gun hand into the pocket. From there, you either draw and fire from sitting, dive back supine, stand up, whatever seems appropriate. In a car, especially if wearing a seat belt, just tuck it under your strong side thigh. If you pick up a hiker, put it under your left thigh, so your right hand can fend him off, block, strike, grab, etc, while your left hand grabs the gun and blows off his head. Best shove the gun right up into his face before firing, cause you REALLY need an instant stop, you do NOT want a hole in your car door (harder to cover up later) and you do not want to risk your hearing to more than one such blast. :) The window, you can bust out later, after WD-40ing both sides, and nobody will know when-how it got broke. An EXIT bullet hole in the door, however, DOES mean a shot got fired, to anyone who looks at it. hydrogen peroxide does a pretty good job of getting rid of blood and flesh residues, btw.
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That's a long explanation trying to work around the fact that carrying your piece in the front pocket of your jeans is a kludge when it comes to sitting, like in a vehicle, or when you are very active, like hiking out in the boonies.

Serious people who carry full time for real in the real, day to day, world more often than not don't carry like that and there are many good reasons for it.

That style of carry, though, is fairly popular with gangbangers - the same 'homeboys' in baggy pants and visible boxer shorts who brought you stylishly shooting your pistol sideways.
Come on, thats a awful big stretch JD.

Also putting your pistol under your thigh while driving is a goofy idea. Thats what I want to be sitting on, a cocked and getting ready to be unlocked single action pocket pistol while I'm boncing around in my F350 work truck on nasty two track roads. What about when that pistol falls down between the bucket seat and center council in my pick-up or is laying next to the door ready to fall out when I open the door?

Everytime you get in and out of the truck, the pistol goes back in the holster everytime you get back in you sit on it? Yea, thats a great solution to conceil carry.

That sounds really practical to me. LOL

No thank you, I will keep my pistol on my person, because my carry method allows me to draw smoothly from about any practical position, under a wide variety of "day to day" normal conditions.

u can always just IWB it, when in the truck, either with or without pulling the shirt over it. etc. I wouldn't bother, myself, cause I aint too lame to get it out of my pants pocket, while seated.
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