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It's not about how MANY guns u have

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or how many rds u fire, dummy. It's about what you can do with the ones you CARRY. My 3 choices can do anything that NEEDS doing, and their total wt is under 10 lbs, to include the can on the CAR,its scope and mount the .22 unit, and the can on the M21. That makes them CARRYABLE, all three of them, and between them, they cover all the necessary bases. The canned .22 pistol, the powerful pocket centerfire, the 223 for the RARE occasiion when you need more power, range and penetration than the .22 unit offers. The 2 pistols are feasible to BOTH be ccw'd, NOW, for specific "missions', wherein the quiet .22 is the pc of choice, the centerfire is for unexpected problems that sometimes crop up. Back up those 2 with body armor and a grenade or 2, and you can look just like anyone else in the street, but be pretty damned ready to handle some pretty serious opposition, either on the way in or the way out of taking care of some biz.
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True, that's why I've got 2-Glock 34's and 2 Colt M-4's.

Plus other weapons that over-lap in use.
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