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Supressed .22

I have used Aguila Sniper Sub Sonic 60gr. ammo with a suppressed Ruger mkII and it is super quiet.
First lets talk about sub-sonic ammo.Sub-sonic ammo travels slowerer than the speed of sound its that simple,while some ammunition manufacturers have used this term as a marketing plow to attribute mysterious powers to this type of make it more deadly and attractive to the potential customer--the marketing of the term works.There is no performance magic in low velocity,which is exactly what sub-sonic ammo is.
Here is the formula used by the USAF to determine speed of sound....break out the calculater.LOL
Temperature in F + 459=? The square root of ? X 49.06 =1128.38FPS--the speed of sound. At 70 degrees F the speed of sound is 1128.38FPS.....Try it yourself 70F +459=529. the Sq. root of 529=23 X 49.06= 1128.38FPS
The speed gets lower as temperature drops and higher as it rises.You can find it at any temperature with this formula.
The Aguila 60 gr. projectile fired from the 8 inch barrel of the integrally suppressed Ruger mkII has a muzzle velocity of 896 fps on the average.With this being said there is no sonic boom or "crack" from the bullet.The Advanced Armorment suppressor on the pistol also slows and cools the propellant gasses and eliminates nearly 100% of the muzzle flash of the pistol so what you hear is the actualy the internal hammer falling and the cycling of the bolt aginst the frame and the bullet impact with the target....which is a loud "thud" using such a heavy projectile. 60gr is heavier than most bullets fired from a .223 cal. AR15.
For a little lesson on balistics you should check out and check out the Whisper series of cartridges.The .510 Whisper is reported to launch a 750gr. Hornady at 1,040FPS with about six times the energy of the best high velocity .308's at 1,000 yards.That isn't magic-its simply ballistics.
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