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I've had enough.........

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too bad. U weren't doing anything to

help this place stay alive. I did, and I am, and I will. There's the difference, and it's all that matters. Anyone can either ignore my posts, or make MORE posts of their own, but they wont', because they are just simply too ignorant or lazy to do so.
Are you so silly as to see that your a cancer that fakes a little help while the body is quickly dyng? Like caner, not all growth is good growth. Your posts all comined aren't worth even on of Clint'sposts.

Go play elsewhere! Yo'r just going to get ignoredmore and more here, anyway. The only reason you got around to posting on this one today is because you got mad we were ignoring your other posts. Since you are used to people ignoring you in real life, i'm sure you can get used to it here if you want. You'll have to with the attitude you've been having.

I really hope you are acting his way just to get us mad. If you don't realize how useless you really sound, I have pity on you.
up yours, punk. This place was dead

when I got here, and it will die without me, and in any case, I dont care what a bunch of second handers "think". Such mental Parasites NEVER have original thoughts That's what makes them second handers. Because you BELIEVE that it matters what other people "think", you think it's IMPOSSIBLE for a man to not care. Parasites can't IMAGINE not caring about their hosts. First handers, however, CAN be made to see that they don''t need you parasites at ALL.
Hey KJ
I decided not to abandon Rich and hang out here regaurdless of any negativity.

It must be hell, andy, to be the only person on the face of the earth who ain't a ignorant, lame, parasitic secondhand moron. You're definately in a class by yourself.

Troll = Tool.

There are many sites with topics like this and getting one started seems to be difficult. I personally, don't have time (no, not ignorant or lazy) to hammer out endless posts consisting of "CAN, CAR, STAR, ROWLAND". But it does keep the site moving so I still read them. Every once in a while a small glimmer of sense may leak out and I'm not one to discount useful info even if I have to sift it out of garbage.

So, until there are enough people here to keep the place rolling on a more user friendly plane, I'll hang out and swap stories with my internet friends and weed through the trash.
like all the punks everywhere, u come

here to LEARN, because everyone knows that I know at least 10x as much about gun topics as any other one man who ever lived.
This is where "Ignore the troll" comes in.

Sheesh, what a false ego!
nope, just reality, that's all

I HAVE forgotten more than you guys will ever learn about guns, which aint much.
"Reality", in this instance, must be highlty subjective in your own mind.

You have no clue as to what my experience level is. You don't know how long I've been involved in any of the subjects.

To make a blanket statement about something you know nothing about only shows ignorance. But to make those statements about everyone who reads this is really just...........insane? ;)

The only one that believes you are the ultimate gunman is you.

OK, now back to calling, chest pounding. Pretty predicable, but it keeps the traffic up.
Andy/223 fan - please pick one name and stick with it, please. Matter of fact, if you are as experienced and knowlegeable as you state, I would think you would be proud enough of this accomplishmen to state your real name. But I do understand most gun owner's reluctance to give out their names. So I don't press the issue.

Since I own this site, finding out my real name would be a piece of cake to anyone who cared to try, so why hide it?

But in any event, having multiple logon names here is really not necessary.

I already said that I'm John M. Davis

at least once. What's the issue?
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