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I've owned 3 versions of the Woodsman

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4" Sport Model. 6" Match target, which somebody had shortened to a 3" barrel. It had the 1911 style mag release. And an original version of the gun, much smaller grip-frame, which somebody had shortened to 3" also. That made it less than 7" long, and it was acceptably accurate, but all 3 had trigger pulls that basically sucked, compare to a High Standard's,anyway.
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that was 30 years ago, dummy.

I wouldn't bother to own a woodsman, so why bother with studying the lockwork, hmm? The M21's trigger is FAR superior, and the gun is adequately accurate, and ENOUGH smaller and lighter to open REALMS that the Woodsman can't touch. The 2214 smith has a much better trigger, and is also pocketable. The Woodsman is a bulky, heavy clunker by comparison. The only work a M21's trigger needs is some means of correcting the overtravel, but so does the Woodsman. Same technique works on either one. Remove trigger, clamp its tip in a vise, heat the curve dull red with the torch, tap the upper part of trigger with a mallet, bending it, increasing the acuteness of the radius.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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