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I've taken a truckload of small game, ccw

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pistols that wouldn't group much, if any better than 3" at 25 yds. Since that's at least TWICE the accuracy of anybody using a sling shot and ball bearings, you get my point. A truly good .22 pistol will group 1.5" at 50 yds, too. Ive taken another truckload of small critters with 22 rifles, and iron sights, that couldn't group any better than that. All this crap about 'needing" .5" groups at 50m, in order to forage effectively is just that, pure crap.
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No, you don't need .5" groups at 50 yards for survival, but it sure is comforting to have it.
This thread was an attempt to justify the waste of packing the utterly inadequate and almost worthless M21.
So you're a sloppy shot with third rate gear, how utterly pedestrian.
"how utterly pedestrian."

I like that phrase!
I'm sure gunkid packed ccw while in prison (since he did spend allot of time there.)

3 inches at 25 yards? gunkid, in the wild you can get within 10 yards real easy of most small game. The slingshot would work find and the ammo is quite literaly laying around.

But then you are to cheep and lazy to practice with a slingshot, arn't you?
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