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J David has 0 to say about my claim

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that it's IMPOSSIBLE to shoot an attacker in the eye, 4x , with a .25 auto. If the eye was hit 4x, the last 3 were as he laid there on the floor, dropped by the first hit to the eyeball. :)
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no, it's NOT possible, punk. Like I said,

after the FIRST hit to the eyeball, ANY others to the eyeball would be MURDER, delivered AFTER the attacker was incapacitated.
that's RIGHT, dummy. The first shot to

the EYe STOPS the attack. firing 3 more into his eyeball, as he lays on the floor (the ONLY way 3 more shots COULD be put into the eyeball) is MURDER. The attack STOPPED, and you KEPT firing, into the head of an incapacitated man. That's MURDER. What Mirules did to Platt and Matix was MURDER. The 2 robbers were bled out, disarmed, and unable to do jack crap. Mirules walked up and shot them in the head, 3x each. Had he been a civilian, instead of a Fed, he'd be on Death Row.
if a weak assed area like the eye socket

can't be penetrated, why BOTHER with such a round, dummy? I can stick my FINGER into your brain, via the orbital socket.
HIT that eye socket, frontally, he's going

down like a ROCK. u AINT putting ANY more hits into his eye socket, cause his head is going to BOUNCE off of the deck, in 3/4 second after you get such a hit. That's 6 ft drop in 3/4 second, and no you do NOT hit such a mark again, at ALL, much less THREE MORE TIMES, , as it falls at a rate of 8 fps, bsers. Once he's falling, much less on the ground(from a hit to the eye socket), he is no LONGER an immediate threat to you,and ANY further shooting on your part is MURDER. I knew several guys who did MANY years in prison, because they were as stupid as you are about such things.

What Mirules did to Platt and Matix was MURDER, and if a civilian had done, or in the future DOES such a thing, he's going to prison, most likely indeed.
i can slap supine, on concrete, from erect

standing, in 3/4 second, without getting hurt. Well, actually on my side. The trick is to bend one knee a lot, raising the other leg in front of you, curling the torso, and slapping the ground as you fall backwards and "rock" the torso. The entire forearm and palm contact the deck VERY hard, as the force of falling is "spread" up the torso, by the rounded shape and rocking motion of the torso. All this combines to let you drop that fast, to concrete, without harm. I KNOW how fast the body drops, and I ALSO know that you CAN'T get that many hits, that fast, on the eyesocket. You'd have to BEND OVER with the gun stuck in his orbital socket, EXACTLY following the head's path to the floor. The guy was obviously just LYING, and you bsers are just plain fos.
you wont HAVE both hands free,in a fight, and the risk to the back of head, tailbone, kidneys, etc, of a straight back breakfall is a stupid one to take. all of u TOGETHER dont know asmuch as I do about these subjects. I prove that every day.
I dont give a <font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font> WHAT you fire, <font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font>, u CAN'T get 4 hits in the eyeball, in 3/4 second. NOBODY can. It's like claiming you can run a 5 second 100 yd dash. EVERYONE knows you just lying. I know you are lying about 4 shots to the eyeball, with a .25 ACP.
like I SAID, u r a liar. The FIRST 25, having "penetrated all the way thru his skull", dropped him like a ROCK, so you DIDN'T put 3 more rds into his eye socket, UNLESS you did so as he lay there on the floor (which WOULD be an act of murder).
and YOU are scared to come meet me,punk. :)
OK, he'd STILL drop 3/4 of the way to the floor in .51 second, and WHO says that THIS BOZO can get .17 second splits, hmm? He KNOWS he's got a disgruntled wannabe gun buyer hanging around, he LEAVES his Glock laying around,he is charged by a guy with a sword, and FORGETS he's carrying a .25, but SUDDENLY he's a Master shottist?

I shoot you ONCE in the eyesocket, you are dropping like a ROCK. Now maybe you CLAIM you can hit 1" circles, at ANY range, while they are falling at the rate of 6 fps? BS, the guy's an effing LIAR.
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