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J David has 0 to say about my claim

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that it's IMPOSSIBLE to shoot an attacker in the eye, 4x , with a .25 auto. If the eye was hit 4x, the last 3 were as he laid there on the floor, dropped by the first hit to the eyeball. :)
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Rich Z said:
BS.... YOU talk about the "splits" you can shoot and how rapid fire you are. How long would it take you to fire off 4 shots with a Beretta .25 when you are supercharged on adrenaline and fighting for your very life? You are shooting at a golf ball sized target less than 1 foot from the end of the barrel. What MOA does that equate to at 25 yards?

Secondly take ANY self defense course and take notes. They TELL you to keep on firing until the attacker is neutralized and DO NOT count on one shot doing the job. Most teach double taps as a matter of course. This is in courses taught by LEOs, btw.
Careful Rick, don't get too touchy. He is your star poster. You need him -- remember?

andy said:
I dont give a <font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font> WHAT you fire, <font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font>, u CAN'T get 4 hits in the eyeball, in 3/4 second. NOBODY can. It's like claiming you can run a 5 second 100 yd dash. EVERYONE knows you just lying. I know you are lying about 4 shots to the eyeball, with a .25 ACP.
You know something? You picked the wrong pony to flog. The people here are getting enough of you. Even old Ricky is starting to get out of sorts with you. It won't be long, until you're gone. Keep it up -- the sooner the better, stvpe.

Hey, I still hear you have twelve years to go on parole. Is that true? A certain deputy sheriff sergeant told me that.

You should understand something. J. David has survived an up front and close gunfight.

This gives him stature in MELVIN'S eyes. It is a stature that MELVIN covets. If MELVIN can't have the stature, he will tear at the person that has survived the encounter.

I think Mr. David is to be admired for putting one of MELVIN'S prison buddies six feet under. My hat is off to him.
MELVIN and his blustering ... It's an act, an OLD ACT ...

andy said:
and YOU are scared to come meet me,punk. :)
MELVIN, your not going to do anything to anybody. Everybody out here realizes that you are just blowing smoke. You're are either blowing smoke and hot air, or are having BRAIN FARTS. That is all that INTERNET HEMMORHOIDS like you do.

You have no courage melvin. You are a stone cold COWARD. we all know it, so you blustering means nothing, because we know you would ROLL OVER AND PEE ON YOURSELF LIKE A SCARED PUPPY, if someone ever did confront you.

Sorry MELVIN, we know you too well to believe any of your bluster. But, you can go ahead and do it, if it makes you feel good.
J. David said:

I wonder if he wears his pants with the underwear up or down? I bet his pants go South in a hurry in the joint :)
Thanks again, guys,

J David
If JOHN MELVIN DAVIS ever did wear underwear, he would wear them down, so he could clear the decks for action quicker.

HEY CONVICT, did BUBBA let you be his private BITCH-BOY while you were in prison, or did he rent you out? As for me, I think Bubba rented you out to all comers.
andy said:
OK, he'd STILL drop 3/4 of the way to the floor in .51 second, and WHO says that THIS BOZO can get .17 second splits, hmm? He KNOWS he's got a disgruntled wannabe gun buyer hanging around, he LEAVES his Glock laying around,he is charged by a guy with a sword, and FORGETS he's carrying a .25, but SUDDENLY he's a Master shottist?

I shoot you ONCE in the eyesocket, you are dropping like a ROCK. Now maybe you CLAIM you can hit 1" circles, at ANY range, while they are falling at the rate of 6 fps? BS, the guy's an effing LIAR.
You are never going to understand anything MELVIN, why, it is because you are an ex-convict and automatically take the criminal's side of the equation. You are revealing more of the hideous inside of your mental processes.

And, Rich is starting to look just as bad as you, MELVIN, because he is a post whore, for wanting all of the traffic, an idiot like JOHN MELVIN DAVIS generates. It's money in your pocket, isn't it Rich. Come on Rich, tell the truth.

Then Rich lets MELVIN, try to destroy a man that bested a criminal in personal combat, a man that deserves out praise, not letting a stupid, damned criminal, tear his reputation down.

I think you're damned disgusting for allowing this to happen Rich!

Now, come out here and talk about freedom of speech and all of the other liberal-ass platitudes that let you cover your assnatomy, while allowing this disgusting charade place.

Rich, you are begining to be beneath contempt. If you don't like me saying this, lets let this be your personal problem. Go ahead Rich, kiss MELVIN'S ex-convict butt again, as you count the posts on your forum. While you're counting posts, count this one too!

And, Rich, if you want to ban me over ripping your butt over being a post whore, and protecting MELVIN, I will consider it a BADGE OF HONOR! And what will it make you look like?
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Rich Z said:
Quote from Bill Stillwater:

How do you figure this, Bill? I don't make a dime off of this site. Not one single solitary penny. The few banner ads I have here are being run for FREE. I don't get a penny off of them. This site comes completely out of my pocket. How much did YOU pay to be here, Bill?
How much do I pay to be here? They same amount that every one else pays. Is that a problem? And I don't think that you set this website up out of the goodness of your heart. There are other forces at play here, EGO for one!

However, if you did, then my hat is off to you, but, treat everybody equally and decently.

Stop JOHN MELVIN DAVIS'S attacks on a man who defended his life, and won, in mortal combat. Is that too much to ask, of your worshipfullness?

So just what is your beef anyway?
If you can't tell what my beef is, you must have a reading comprehension problem.

The beef I have with you is your support for the EX-CONVICT JOHN MELVIN DAVIS.

A man had to engage a criminal in deadly combat, this man killed the criminal and you won't head off MELVIN'S attacking him.

What does that say about you Rich?

I will tell you something else that says a lot about you! You ignored everything I said in my post. So you do not debate -- you attack. Very well, and what does that say about you?

If you don't like the way this site is run, nor the people on it, then just go away. Pretty simple to understand, now isn't it? You can collect the money you paid to be here at the door on your way out....
Your insipid attack in the above paragraph also speaks volumes about your frame of reference.

Except for MELVIN, I think there are a great bunch of people on this forum. You, may make me change my mind about you. Why? because I believe your priorities are misplaced.

From what I can determine, YOU have a gunkid fetish. And that, bud, is not my problem, it is yours. You really need to get a life.
Ah, here we go -- if you can't debate, attack a persons heterosexual sexuality. What does that say about you Rich?

Matter of fact, I have a very difficult time recalling anything you have posted here that was in any form positive or helpful and NOT an attack on someone else.
And I suppose the drivel that MELVIN has posted is Wisdom from the Mount On High? Is that what you think?

You have tried everything you can think of to get me to ban 223 fan/andy, and they failed, so now the plan is to attack me directly, eh?

For all that read this, that allegation is an outright lie.

Where have I asked you to ban him? All I have done is object to the content of his idiotic posts. That IS right isn't it?

So what is the REAL problem Rich?

So tell me, just who the heck needs YOU here? You were just frothing at the mouth hoping I would allow you to be a moderator here, now weren't you? Not a chance, bud. Not a chance.
Frothing at the mouth? not hardly, not even a chance! I wouldn't want to be a moderator on a board that supports destructive EX-CONVICTS. So get that squared away in your head right now.

Being a moderator, on a board that coddles criminals, is not a position that accrues any respect.

I said I would help you, the operative word is help. However I don't think you want to help yourself.

One thing I have learned in the years of running message boards is to recognize a pathologically destructive personality.
First of all, unless you are a psychiatrist, or a Ph.D. Psychologist, you aren't qualified to make that diagnosis.

However, you have allowed a destructive Sociopath (this diagnosis from a psychiatrist, whom I let read MELVIN'S posts) one your board, to attack good people.

You have allowed the EX-CONVICT JOHN MELVIN DAVIS, to attack a man who had to defend his life against another ANTISOCIAL CRIMINAL.

You have allowed JOHN MELVIN DAVIS to call a man, who defended his life, a murderer.

I have spent forty yearrs working in an Engineering environment. I have designed Spacecraft structures and payloads. A destructive person, I don't think so! For if I were, I would not have kept my job, and I wouldn't have been promoted as many times as I was. If you are destructive, you do not last long in Aerospace. Trust me on that.

BTW, Dave knows where I stand with him. Go ahead, ask him.
Oh, I am quiet sure that MELVIN knows where he stands with you. However, I am sure that MELVIN will respect your feelings, just as he has respected the law all of his life.

In other words, he will do as he damned well pleases. As MELVIN always has done.

So anyway, since you brought this up, let me lay the law down to YOU right here and right now.
Rich, you aren't laying down any law to me, that is in anyway different, than what you expect out of anyone else. Is that clear? I know something about the law too! You will not treat me any differently than you will anyone else.

If you attack anyone on this site, either directly, via innuendo, or by implication, you are gone.
I have only attacked the EX-CONVICT JOHN MELVIN DAVIS. And I will continue to point out the errors (crimes) he has committed. And, just as long as you do that to everybody else, including the EX-CONVICT JOHN MELVIN DAVIS, I don't have a problem with it. Just as long as you deal fairly with everybody. Which you have not done, up to this time.

If you want to contribute to this site and be helpful to the other people participating here, then do so, but not in the manner in which you have been doing so.
I have been helpful to others on this sight, except for the EX-CONVICT JOHN MELVIN DAVIS. I don't post drivel. I don't recycle posts that have been posted on fifty or more sites that THE EX-CONVICT JOHN MELVIN DAVIS has been banned from. DAVIS is an unreconstructed INTERNET HEMMORHOID that needs to go back to prison. And I am, with other members of this forum, helping in that effort.

So, I guess that makes me out to be an unworthy person just because I have a dislike for CRIMINALS. Is that right RICH?

Curious people would like a direct answer to the above question. And, I will assure you that there are many curious people one this site. Probably, because I am instrumental in bringing many them here.

So go ahead, I am awaiting the expected derogatory laced response to this post.......
Gee Rich, what have I said that is derogatory? in fact I have pointed out in this post where you have been assumptive, and derogatory. So, if you wish -- because of this, ask me to leave and I will! Just email me!

If by saying you protect, and support, an EX-CONVICT is derogatory. Then I have said that. So, if you wish, because of this, -- ask me to leave and I will! Just email me!

If saying you must treat everybody equally, is derogatory. Then I have said that. So, if you wish, because of this, -- ask me to leave and I will! Just email me!

Rich, you need to recognize, that an opinion opposed to your's is not an attack -- these words are expressions of my opinion.

You need to Learn to debate with out attacking, yourself. Then you may earn back the respect your forum should deserve.

I don't like EX-CONVICTS consorting with law-abiding people. Apparently you do. This sentence is an expression of opinion, in debate, not an attack. If you can't realize that, then you may have a deeper seated personal problem.

I have never been arrested in my life, I have only been in a jail, to see what one looked like. A friend on LAPD gave me a tour. In fifty-two years of driving, I haven't hardly ever got a traffic ticket, three -- and I beat two in traffic court. All this while living in an area where the average is one traffic ticket a year, per driver.

I respect the law, even if I don't agree with the law. That may change because of governments attitude towads firearms.

I am a CITIZEN who legally owns firearms. I am not an EXCONVICT, ILLEGALLY IN POSSESION OF FIREARMS. And, unlike you, I will continue to my opposition to criminals, in possesion of firearms. Which of us, does that make the better citizen, RICH.
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BYE, BYE -- I am sorry that I pointed out so many of your personal problems, please do not accept my apology.
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