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J David has 0 to say about my claim

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that it's IMPOSSIBLE to shoot an attacker in the eye, 4x , with a .25 auto. If the eye was hit 4x, the last 3 were as he laid there on the floor, dropped by the first hit to the eyeball. :)
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As long as you feel your life is in immediate lethal danger it's self defense. A hit to the eyeball is not a guaranteed fight stopper. If it doesn't penetrate the skull to cause trauma to the brain it won't stop the guy from trying to kill you.

Re: Yes Melvin

Dakota said:
We are all aware of how fast you can be "slaped" down to the concrete,lord knows you had enough practice in prison at it in the showers.
Oh damn... I give that one a 9.5 for opportunity.

1 - 2 of 71 Posts
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