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J David has 0 to say about my claim

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that it's IMPOSSIBLE to shoot an attacker in the eye, 4x , with a .25 auto. If the eye was hit 4x, the last 3 were as he laid there on the floor, dropped by the first hit to the eyeball. :)
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GK - not listening again.

I didn't say "he" could do it. I said based on the numbers I laid out (which were based on numbers you've laid out), either:

1 - It's possible, or

2 - It's impossible.

That's all; no commentary on his ability whatsoever. Never having met the man, much less seeing him shoot, there's no way a person can comment on his ability, anymore than I can comment on his bowling skill or golf game.

In a fight, going from "locked in a life & death struggle" to "dead and still on the floor" is not going to happen in half a second. Even an animal, head-shot with a centerfire rifle, doesn't fall that fast. (Been there, done that, as they say.)

- And the animal isn't tensed, muscles locked, and pumped with adrenaline when shot, as would have been the case here.

- And the animal doesn't have an equal-size, still-upright animal holding them up, as was the case here.

- And that's with a powerful, centerfire rifle, not a .25 pocket pistol, as was the case here.

So no, the guy's not going to go from 'struggling' to 'dead and lying on the floor', in half a second.

Again I ask. What's wrong with my math?
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Stillwater said:

You are never going to understand anything MELVIN, why, it is because you are an ex-convict and automatically take the criminal's side of the equation. You are revealing more of the hideous inside of your mental processes.

And, Rich is starting to look just as bad as you, MELVIN, because he is a post whore, for wanting all of the traffic, an idiot like JOHN MELVIN DAVIS generates. It's money in your pocket, isn't it Rich. Come on Rich, tell the truth.

Then Rich lets MELVIN, try to destroy a man that bested a criminal in personal combat, a man that deserves out praise, not letting a stupid, damned criminal, tear his reputation down.

I think you're damned disgusting for allowing this to happen Rich!

Now, come out here and talk about freedom of speech and all of the other liberal-ass platitudes that let you cover your assnatomy, while allowing this disgusting charade place.

Rich, you are begining to be beneath contempt. If you don't like me saying this, lets let this be your personal problem. Go ahead Rich, kiss MELVIN'S ex-convict butt again, as you count the posts on your forum. While you're counting posts, count this one too!

And, Rich, if you want to ban me over ripping your butt over being a post whore, and protecting MELVIN, I will consider it a BADGE OF HONOR! And what will it make you look like?
Please read the post that Bill Stillwater placed in this thread. This was very antagonistic, in my opinion, towards me for my allowing someone else, who Mr. Stillwater appears to hate with a passion, to express their opinion on MY site. Even an opinion which I have been very vocal about disagreeing with. Mr. Stillwater apparently has deep rooted issues with 223 fan/andy and those feelings were obviously being transferred over to me. Mr. Stillwater, in my opinion, had one goal for being on this site, and that was to try to get andy/223 fan banned from it. When I refused, I then became a focus point for his anger as well.

I can take my lumps with the best of them, but quite frankly, in this case I felt Mr. Stillwater was way out of line with his accusations. The words are there for you all to read, so judge them as you will. I have earlier emails from Mr. Stillwater that were along the same vein, which definitely contributed to my laying down "the law" to him, but I see no reason to dredge those up and quote them here. If any of you, running your own site, would be complacent about those sort of accusations being leveled against you, then I just guess you are a better man then I am.

You all can fight among yourselves as much as you want as long as you are at least somewhat restrained in the language you use here on a public message board. But when any of you want to turn on me for my allowing you the freedom to do that, then you, as well, are welcome to leave and go elsewhere. I am not making a dime by your being here, and will not lose a penny if you leave. I lease my own servers, so it does not really cost me anything beyond the yearly price of the domain name to run this site.

So, with the above in mind, please note that this site is offered on an "as is" basis, so take it or leave it.
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Rich, if the above was intended for me let me assure you that my thoughts were neither a personal attack nor a condemnation of your decision. I understand your position and absolutely don't want to become part of this altercation. As I said, IMO this is a loss of us all with only Gunkid winning. I am saddened what happened and I am sorry if you interpreted it differently. Perhaps I was wrong in offering an opinion. Sorry. This is your place and, as you say, we must abide by your rules or leave. I accept that.

No, my post was not directed at anyone in particular. I guess you can consider it general policy applicable to everyone. When I get busy, I tend to be very blunt and to the point, sometimes maybe interpretted as rudeness by those people such comments are directed at. Sorry about that, but right now this is the busiest time of year for me, so beating around the bush will not be in the cards at all.

Maybe at a different time of year I would have been willing to debate with Mr. Stillwell and try to come to some sort of compromise. But that's the way it is, I guess.
This is why I always tell my boys, "Emotion is the enemy."

Emotions, whether negative (anger, jealousy, etc) or positive (jocularity, pride, etc), are the antithesis of reason. Sometimes that isn't a bad thing; an emotional thing can be very positive, such as watching a hilarious comedy, attending a loved-one's wedding, or seeing your kid win the big game. "Experiencing" emotion is pretty much unavoidable as a human being.

But letting actions or decisions be controlled (or even influenced) by emotion is ALWAYS a mistake.

What do I care if Rich, Bill, or GK agree or disagree with each other, or even with me? It costs me nothing, and it's not important enough (or at least shouldn't be important enough) to make me respond in a way I'd be embarrassed for my kids to read. Not belittling Rich, Bill, or GK; but their opinion of me or my stance on something is irrelevant to my life. And here's the important part: My opinion of them should mean equally little in their lives. If we step back for a minute, we have to realize how impersonal and low-impact these types of forums really are. (No offense, Rich. :) ) For all we really "KNOW", Rich, Bill, and GK could in fact be the same person, couldn't they...? Doubt it, personally, but I can't "know" for certain. And if I can't "know" a person's identity, how can I in good conscience let their opinions substantially influence my life?

In the strictest sense, we're like a bunch of strangers who are sitting in a dark room. Can't see each other, can't make eye contact, can't tell if we're talking to ten people or one person using different voices, or even talking to one person with multiple personalities. Yet many of us get fighting mad over what's said by these faceless, anonymous voices that are rambling in the darkness; that makes no sense to this big dumb *******. My suggestion would be to get over it; get past it; get through it; or somehow deal with it.

Just my (unemotional) opinion.

OK; flamethrowers back "on"... :flamethr:
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Good advice John. I appreciate your comments. (No flamethrower needed)

Condensed version of John in AR's post:

It's the friggin' 'net!

Some people are as much an a$$hole in real life as on the 'net (like me). But we all know if GoonKid did half the sh!t he says, or even mouthed off the way he does on the 'net, he'd have been planted long ago. So don't get worked up by him. AFAIC, he deserves every bit of abuse he gets, but don't make your life revolve around it.

Hell, we got GUNS to talk about!
Magnum88C said:
... Some people are as much an a$$hole in real life as on the 'net (like me).
If you say that again I'll give you a cyber-smack up against yore head. :D

(Just kidding. Remember what you told me awhile back)

Magnum88C said:
Hell, we got GUNS to talk about!

Lets get back to real business.

Yes, we have real guns and we shoot them!
Raider said:
If you say that again I'll give you a cyber-smack up against yore head. :D

(Just kidding. Remember what you told me awhile back)

Yeah, thanks for the spin-around ;)
john in ar.

i have read your post a half/dozen times and it is still RIGHT ON !


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