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that was some real

serious cash your kids turned, with the 4 sheep and a steer.

i just had [at one time] 14 rhode island red hens[all layers ] a rooster,
and 2 emus[i bought them from a cousin in ft.lyon,CO. as little peepers, it was A TOTAL TRIP growing those things up] and a INDIAN BROKE RANK JACKASS MULE! now i just have a dog and CATTTTT and a different wife/g.f

i still have a buddy that has( 14) race horses now and wants to 'pawn' off the wilder ones on me, i told him just the other day , i'd give $250[he wants $2500]for a guilding called 'moon'[he's throw'd me once] that is the only way i'd own another hayburner[if you gave him to me] ha!

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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