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Jeff Cooper'a Ideal Pistol

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Jeff Cooper's Ideal Pistol

After examining and shooting one of the first CZ75 9mm pistols to reach the US from Canada Jeff Cooper said it was an outstanding pistol offering many advanced features. He said it would be the finest automatic pistol in the world IF one change were made. Of course you know what that was, chamber it for .45ACP!

CZ studied this for a long time and finally produced an enlarged and enhanced CZ75, the CZ97B .45ACP. I got one shortly after they became available here in 2000, Gooper was right. It is a superb pistol in every respect and yes, it is better than a 1911!
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I had a chance to get one fairly cheap and passed. Still kick myself for not doing so.
I have examined but never shot the 97B. I'm sure that its as fine a pistol as my 75B but as it would be much harder to conceal, I'll stick with my Officers Model 45. Still, it sure would be nice to add to the stable.

For collecters sake I'd jump all over a Bren Ten in good shape.The CZ97 is on my "list" but not near the top.For some reason the fact that it's a current production model kinda makes it less desireable to me.???
I remember reading an article where Jeff thought so much of the Bren 10 that he gave it his personal endorsement. The Blue Book even shows a Jeff Cooper Bren 10 model. Unfortunately when the company ran into financial difficulties Jeff received a lot of bad press just as if he had a financial interest in the company. Something that he denied.

Bren Ten-The Sonny Crockett pistol.:)
I had one, in 1986,it was a bulky, heavy pos.
Nice gun, I had a friend Don Leadham in the early 90's take 1st place in the Canadian National IPSC Championships with a stock CZ75. Personally I find the grips on a 1911 fit my hands more comfortably.
223 fan said:
I had one, in 1986,it was a bulky, heavy pos.
I though you were out of circulation in 1986?

For a wondernine, the CZ 75 is still one of the best, one of the most streamlined, and one of the nicest to shoot. It probably has the best out of the box DA trigger pull of any pistol.

There was a lot of snide comments back in the 1980's that Don Johnson was the only guy in America that actually had magazines for his Bren Ten.
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