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jhp's penetrate MORE flesh, than jello

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because they don't expand as much,or as early in their journey. so 9" of penetration in jello is 12" in flesh and that's PLENTY to reach the heart, from the side, even if the bullet DOES hit the arm. If a man's a THREAT to you, justifying your shooting him, his arm AINT at his side, anyway. So it's just plain STUPID to choose a load that doesn't expand much (which is what it takes,in a 9mm or .38, to GET 14" of penetration in jello) in order to MAYBE do better against "barricades, and the (rare) 'arm first" scenario.
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A tard was walking down the street and passed a used equipment store. He stopped and stared at the sign in the window that said Cast Iron Sinks.

"Any fool knows that", he said out loud to himself.

Ponder that one, tard.

Jello tastes better.

Especially with little chunks of floating fruit.:alien: :D
andy said:
jhp's penetrate MORE flesh, than jello because they don't expand as much,or as early in their journey. ...
Not true. Expansion is due to the pressure on the nose of the bullet as it passes through a medium, be it tissue, jello, etc.

The pressure on the nose is equal to one half of the product of the density of the medium and the bullet's velocity squared.

P = (1/2) x rho x V^2


rho = density

V = velocity

If the jello and tissue have the same density, the bullet will expand by the same point. Further, since the pressure is a function of the square of the bullet's speed, odds are that the bullet will expand in the first three inches of travel through tissue, or not at all.
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